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Baby "Arrival" Shower

Well I can't believe it but Vernon's birth happened before my baby shower did. I understand this sort of thing happens all the time, but never in my wildest dreams did I even consider that we would have our baby boy a month early. But don't you think for a second that a little ol' thang like having our baby early, moving into our new home the day before he came or all the emotions that come with postpartum was going to keep us from all the hard work Nat and Shan had done for this special event.
So on Vernon's fourth day of life we loaded up the car, headed to the shower and were blessed by such a wonderful event.
There were so many sweet details that we were overwhelmed by the love of our friends family. I specifically said no decorations, no theme and for it to be extremely low key. I got one out of three, and considering I was even able to get myself to the shower looking semi decent I'm extremely grateful "low key" was the one I got. Being surrounded by literally a handful of our warmest friends blessed Micah and I beyond measure. We had gifts mailed in from Aunt Kristi & Uncle Ken,  Uncle Bear & Aunt Tanya, Micah's parents and Mamaw & Papaw and Nat's mom. My Tricia flew out for the event and made the most awesome favors ever. Nat even ordered a special sailor dress for Elsie seeing how the shower was a Sailor theme for our new little man. Oh and our dear friends Bianca and Jeff had a huge big sister gift for Elsie. I'm telling you so much LOVE!
Ok now let the picture overload begin.
The invite Davey and Shan created
The new and improved Ensor clan
 Elsie mid jump in her sailor dress
 Our little man
 My mama and sistas from another mother
 the favor bags. They read "Ahoy, It's a Boy"
 Me, Vernon and the hostess
This post will be entirely too long if I continue to write about all the special details so I will just end with


Anonymous said...

So whose baby is that? I KNOW you di'int just have a baby.

jennifer said...

Those girls did a fabulous job! Everything looked great. Love love Elsie's dress.

DawnaHartman said...

Everything really does look amazing!!! I love the theme, the decor - all of it. Love.
You look amazing bytheway :)