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Just one of those days... know the one I'm referring to. Where you have anticipated it with such excitement knowing it was arriving but when it finally arrived things came up and schedules changed, which in return has you left feeling... almost abandoned.
All right I'll just tell you the whole story. I mean, I have nothing else to do now anyway.
Knowing Micah was going to be away this week on business Shan and Bea were planning on coming to spend the night. Shan was ready to pack up my kitchen and whatever else in hopes to eliminate part of the packing process for me. I being too anxious and way too ambitious stayed up late packing up the kitchen myself so that when they arrived I would surprise them with apple pie ingredients adorning my countertop. Seeing how today kicks off National Pie Month, I saw it more fitting to bake with all the gals rather than pack.
I woke up this morning and got Elsie ready for our big exciting day. We headed off to Disneyland where I planned on staying until about 3:00 knowing Shan would be arriving around 4:00ish. Our Tea Cup ride was interrupted with a phone call from a realtor stating they would be at my house @ 2:00 pm for a showing. Knowing that we are moving out in ten days and need to get this house off the market I had no option but to wrap things up early with Elsie and head on home.
Only minutes after arriving home I received a phone call from Shan stating poor Bea had a fever and would have to tragically cancel. I assured her it was fine but before hanging up realized she was supposed to bring not only the pie dish but my Girl Scout Cookies! Oh the horror! No company, no pie dish to bake the pie in and no cookies to devour the night away. What's a girl to do?
After hanging up I decided to straighten before the prospective buyers came and ended up hauling all nine kitchen boxes to the garage.
On my own.
In my pregnant state.
I obviously was upset about the whole cookie sitch (I mean Shan sitch) so I didn't notice I was over doing it.
Upon entering the house (sweating I might add) I realized I had a missed call from the realtor. I called her back only to be informed that both meetings for the day were canceled.
wait for it, wait for it.
here is where you hear it...BIG SIGH, from me.
So now not only did I rearrange my day with Elsie for this but now I have no evening plans to look forward to either? Oh yes and now I'm about to eat my own hand off because I just worked up a huge appetite from hauling boxes.
So I pulled out some things in the fridge and cracked open a few cans of various beans and made this little number. I am devouring it while typing with an amazing view of sailboats in the ocean from my window. Such a beautiful day.
 This Serrano Salso from Trader Joe's is my new jam!

My gal is sleeping and I now have the day, to... err... well, relax. I truly am enjoying this time. I will still bake a pie with Elsie. For now I will be content in this moment, this day and life itself and all it throws at me.

I couldn't get a good pic of my view but know it's something serene along the lines of this. 
God is good, so so good.
Everything works out for a reason right?
Still not over the Girl Scout Cookies...


shannon said...

Dear Cannoli Readers,
I feel it only fair to offer my rebuttal to this blog. Ready for it? Here it is: I cried for 20 minutes after getting off the phone with Nat after canceling. That is all.

Kate Snow said...

Ummmm I would also like to note that I offered to come over and help Nat pack, and help her pie. I mean, I know I'm no Shannon, so maybe it was a moot effort.