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This year our costumes were decided for us by Elsie. She asked if she could be a dragon, well not really asked but she has been roaring like a dragon for months so we figured that is what she wanted to be. So we themed our costumes around that. Micah was a knight and I was a fair maiden. We got dressed up for Micah's office party on Friday and then we did the same on Halloween for a friends party. Josh joined us on Halloween and thanks to my mom came up with a last minute costume, it was a kids Tony the Tiger costume that didn't fit but he worked it out and became as he said it "a ferocious tiger" I was laughing so hard at him. My mom did a fantastic job on his face paint.

Elsie trying on Daddy's costume

Me trying on Kevin's costume (the other manager in Micah's office)
on our way to the party

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jennifer said...

Best dragon ever! Bow looks good. Did you make you and Micah's costume? Jk