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Ensor Nugget

So Elsie has a new nickname. We flew to northern Cali last weekend to visit Tricia and Leighton and the first thing Leighton said to Elsie was, "Aww there is the Ensor Nugget" and proceeded to call her that the entire weekend. Micah and I loved it. It is such a perfect word for our lil', well, nugget.
I would have posted pics the minute we got home but unfortunately came down with a cold, or have had severe allergy problems haven't decided which it is quite yet, hence the late post.

Enjoy some pics!
Elsie ready to go shopping in Walnut Creek
Elsie really captured the look we were going for, me on the other hand fell short.

Getting some major lovin' from Aunt Tricia
Dinner at Beatlenut in San Francisco
Elsie on their stairs
Out to lunch looking stylish
Waking up and snuggling w/ Tricia
We hate goodbyes


Asquare said...

Is that the Hunchback of Notre Dame on the sofabed with Elsie?

Jammie said...

She is growing so fast. I can't wait to see you all again.