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Our little pumpkin

Before I start the pumpkin story let me begin by filling in the gaps of time. Two weekends ago we had Micah's aunt Julie and cousins come and visit from New Mexico. We went down to beautiful La Jolla and went shopping in Fashion Valley in San Diego. It was so great for them to be able to meet Elsie and have a beautiful relaxing day in Southern Cali with us. We enjoyed their visit so much.
Since then we have done a few things, which of course I can't remember right now. I do however, remember us carving pumpkins with Elsie. Micah went and bought the biggest pumpkin he could find at Sam's Club and when he got home he immediately started gutting it so we could fit Elsie inside. It was quite humorous. The pumpkin narrowed on the inside because it had a weird shape so we couldn't get her to sit in it. So Micah said he would carve two holes for her legs, that way when we were done I could flip it over and make those the eyes. Well, somewhere between him saying that and the few seconds later when he started carving it, that idea completely changed. Instead he carved a big rectangle which would soon become the mouth.*sigh* She was a trooper and hung out in that pumpkin while we snapped some shots. She is our little pumpkin eater.
 La Jolla
This is when she couldn't sit down

After Micah carved the Huge unnecessary hole she sat and ate the pumpkin
end result of that massive hole, I tried my best


Kristi and Ken said...

these pictures are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! I can just picture Elsie playing along with yall's silly plans! By the way, I'm really impressed with your end result! Good job!

Jammie said...

What a precious baby girl sitting in that pumpkin!

shannon said...

"huge unnecessary hole" awesome.