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Happy Birthday to Me!

Ok so my 27th Birthday came and went. I didn't want to do anything major because we were flying out the next day to Ruidoso. Micah and I got all gussied up and went on a date without Elsie (grandma and grandpa stayed home with her) We headed to one of our favorite cities in Cali. A quaint town little town called Claremont and we ate at our favorite Italian Restaurant, Aruffo's. We shopped the boutiques and I came across some awesome finds, which I bought, because it was my birthday of course. We then headed back to my parent's house where Micah had a special Sugar Cookie Cake from Mrs. Fields waiting for me. The Quiggles and the Cunninghams met us there. We enjoyed the dessert together while I opened gifts. My parents bought me my own Sewing Machine, which I am simply thrilled about. Micah bought us concert tickets to go see Tegan & Sara which I'm super stoked about! The show is at the end of the month, so woot-woot! Kate hand-stitched kitchen towels for me which are wicked awesome and the Quig's bought me a new nightie and a rad vintage bow necklace. YAY for awesome gifts and double YAY for amazing family and friends. I am so blessed to have loving and caring people in my life. I truly am. It makes me smile to think of all of the people that we have surrounded ourselves with that will be part of Elsie's life. She is so blessed as well.
Tricia let me borrow her fabulous dress and hat, I felt pretty for the first time since I've had Elsie in this outfit.

Excited about our date!
coming home do my baby girl: priceless
My cookie cake read: "Happy Birthday Hot Momma"
I love this picture because of Kate in the background
Elsie was helping me open gifts
but got bored very quickly and just decided to eat the ribbon instead

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Asquare said...

Seriously? The first time you've felt pretty since you've had Elsie? Have you not looked in a mirror for 6 and a half months?