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Bear was Here!

Uncle Bear drove out from Michigan and every moment he has available he is spending it with his niece. It is so precious to see them together! She leaned in to reach for him and has also starting a new thing where she tries to give you a kiss. Well, that is what we are assuming she is trying to do otherwise she is just trying to eat your face. But the first time she attempted to "kiss" was when she saw her Uncle Bear. So sweet.
We went and visited her Great Grandma Nancy with Uncle Bear and Uncle Joshie. It was the first time my abuelita met her great-granddaughter. That was... interesting to say the least. Grandma Nancy always says something in her thick spanish accent to leave us wanting more "one liners"
Even though I saw Bear a lot and he had good quality time with Elsie, his trip just didn't seem long enough. I bet it never will. Can't wait to fly out there next spring when Elsie is a little older and can really enjoy her Uncle's farm.
Reintroducing her to Bear
Playing w/ Bear
Bear tickling her (she is laughing, though it looks likes she is yelling for help)
Meeting Grandma Nancy
More of her w/ Bear
yuck I look gross in this pic, but it was just a great moment with all of us.

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