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Okay so I know I have slacked in the blogging department but I have been quite busy with planning a few different events which has consumed my internet time with google searches instead of blogging posts.
So let's see what is new...Elsie is holding on to things to stand now. She doesn't pull herself up ,but if I place her against something she will hold on and stand.
A few weekends ago we had a Pool Party. We hired the Taco Man and everything to come cater the event. We are assuming that it was our last (summer) pool party so that is why we went big. Here are a few pics from that.
Elsie and Mrs.Kate
Elsie and cousins!
a competitive game of volleyball is a must at a pool party, right?
my mom and the girls
Micah got his Pearl her first swing! Which Elsie loves
she loves it so much she even falls asleep in it.
This is the good part! Jenn and (baby) Micah flew out to see us. They were here for a long weekend, which I must say was NOT long at all. Baby Micah and Elsie were so precious together I almost couldn't take it! I had so much fun doing nothing with Jenn. The only thing on our agenda was to get a pazookie from BJ's pizza while she was down and we made sure that happened. I'm still very confused about the whole splitting one pazookie between the three of us, considering we devoured it which left me wanting another, but there will be other visits that can make up for that. I dropped them off at the airport yesterday morning. I didn't cry, I know, Shocking right, but I will say the house felt so empty when I returned home that I couldn't even bring myself to blog about the trip because I knew that looking at pictures would bring me to tears. Which is why I'm posting pics today and not yesterday. Oh and just a side note, if Jenn and I actually lived next to each other we would be very productive and crafty. We knocked out ideas and plans for my upcoming events as well as finished the main portion of Vail and Katy's halloween costumes! Downfall to this is I made her go get cookies and whipped cream and while being crafty we indulged. The problem is she has self control and I don't. She can have one or two, but I ate like 2/3 of the cookies, which is why we can't ever be neighbors.Bad! Enjoy the pics!
Micah's first night here! He was such a champ. Slept the whole night through
oh it gets even cuter!
Jenn dressed Micah in this onsie so I changed Elsie's outfit so they would both be wearing b&w
good little babies waiting for their mommies to get them out
empty pazookie plate
The Micah's
My family came by to meet Micah, they were in baby heaven.
kindred spirits
dropping them off at the airport...


Kristi and Ken said...

What awesome pictures! The pics of Micah and Elsie are just too adorable! It's still so weird to me that they are basically the same size but Micah is much younger. I love Elsie's swing pics too- I can tell she loves that swing just from the look on her face. Miss you and love you all!!

jennifer said...

We sure do make some cute babies!! I would like to point out that it was Micah's idea to only get one pazookie. Maybe next time we should leave him at home.

jennifer said...

You have got to update! Everytime I check I am reminded of the pizookie!