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5 months already!

Can you believe it? I can't! Five months old already. I realized I have slacked on posting pics and videos, which I really need to do. She is a little chatterbox now, who rolls over, is attempting to sit up and has completely filled my days with joy. We went to another 1st birthday party for one of Elsie's friends. She was such a peach throughout the party and even missed most of her nap, due to the fact that they live an hour away. We had so much fun! Even Micah and I really enjoyed ourselves. I thought we would leave by her next nap but instead let her fall asleep in my arms while we hung out. I have also included random pics of us just hanging out and videos of her being, well, precious really.
you probaby want to pause my playlist so you can hear what is going on in the videos
At the party, she always has something in her mouth, normally these two fingers.
OK I know, creepy. I was chatting with a girlfriend while Micah was letting this happen!

Daddy's Pearl
Relaxing after the party.
I think she is trying to humor me w/ this smile
Just hanging with me during the week
Just sitting in her big girl chair
Hanging with Uncle Josh

Chillin in the hammock, I know she looks miserable but she wasn't. At least I don't think she was. I mean she hung out in here for awhile and didn't complain.


jennifer said...

Three weeks can't come soon enough!!!

Kristi and Ken said...

I miss your baby girl!...and yall too :)