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I have to apologize for not posting this sooner but this week has been kind of crazy. Just to let everyone know we have put our house on the market. It actually listed on Wednesday and we had an immediate response, and when I say immediate I mean we had about four different couples come and look oh and we had four offersput in. One offer was cash in full and he wants a 30 day escrow. CRAZY! We knew the Lord was moving us out of here, but not this quickly. Anyway I have been kind of consumed with that and will keep everyone posted on the progress.
This past weekend we had a special weekend because Jammie, Mamaw and Papaw came to visit us... well let me rephrase that, they came to visit Elsie. We lounged around mainly and got out for a bite to eat a couple of times. It was a very enjoyable weekend just spending quality family time together. We were so happy they made the trip to see us.
Papa sent this for Elsie, he wasn't able to come, but she loved her duck.
She loves her Jammie
This is what the weekend mostly consisted of
I really think she like Mamaw's voice because she would smile so big every time she talked to her. She wasn't used to that accent
Micah and his Papaw
Out to eat with Jammie looking fab in her new wardrobe

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