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Water Baby

Guess who has a water baby? That's right we tried out the pool yesterday while Grandma and Grandpa were over and she was absolutely precious in the pool. Well, actually just the jacuzzi, the pool was too cool for her and she grunted and fussed when Micah barely put her foot in. But she loved the jacuzzi so YAY! I knew she loved her bath time but wasn't sure if that would cross over into pool time and it did. She is wearing the bathing suit my mama (grandma) bought her. It is so stinkin' cute I almost couldn't take her in it. I would've left it on her all day if I could.
This was a pretty awesome weekend, considering the fact that Micah and I are both missing the farm and my brothers desperately. Friday we celebrated the Quiggle's 10 Year Wedding Anniversary! Woot-Woot! We went to our jam, the place we go whenever we have something to celebrate about, Pepe's Mexican Food and Cantina. Elsie got all dressed up for the occasion as well. Don't look at me, she asked to wear her tutu.
On Saturday I got up and actually went shopping with Shan without Elsie. She needed a new pair of jeans and needed my opinion. Micah wanted to spend time with Elsie and told me to go. What a good daddy huh! The denim shopping was a success and I came home in time so Micah didn't have to use a bottle, I was able to feed her. We took naps and relaxed the rest of the day until about 7:00. Micah and I went to the Storm game. It is the minor league where Padres draft from who just so happen to be playing the 66er's who are the minor league the LA Dodgers draft from. It was a special game because Manny Ramirez what a designator hitter, he is actually in the Major leagues and plays for the Dodgers but is on probation, blah,blah,blah. Anyway the game was awesome and we were there for over 2 hours with Elsie. She was great, and even slept part of her nap through it. Plus the best part was it is only 10 minutes from home and $10 total to get in!
Yesterday my parents came down because they were having Elsie withdrawals and wanted to see all the pictures from Michigan. Seeing as it was over 100 degrees it turned into a swimming day as well. We can never complain about that. Plus there was an added bonus, our friends Neil and Dawna were back visiting from Erie, PA and were able to meet Elsie!
Enjoy the pics!
Going out to celebrate. Bea took this pic, pretty good huh
Elsie was still napping, hence why she is not in the girl shot
Elsie in her tutu
At the game
I know it looks like bird poop on his shoulder but Elsie just spit up on him
She fell asleep, even with all the commotion
Watching the game with Daddy
I know right! Too Cute!
Elsie and Dawna


Jammie said...

Oh! I can't wait to see you and be able to hold Elsie and touch you two.
I love my little Cali family!

jennifer said...

Oh my goodness she is changing so much. STOP IT!! I love her little headband she is wearing with Chris and her swim suit is too cute! I am glad to see she likes her blankets. This is torture! Don't post anymore until the beach because I can't handle this. Micah has the I love Daddy shirt in boy form :) Miss you guys!