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Healthy and Happy

Today was Elsie's two month check up. She is technically 10 weeks but they had to reschedule her original appt. for today. I am very proud to announce that she is healthy and happy, (pediatrician's exact words) She said that her disposition is so sweet and that she is a very happy baby. She also weighed in at a whopping 11 lbs 10 oz and is now almost 24 " long. That is almost 5 inches since she was born!!! She is in the 75% of babies... whatever that means. Basically she is above average, but she made it very clear that 75% is great and that does not mean overweight and that she is proportioned perfectly! It was one of those appointments that makes you smile as a mommy, knowing you have a healthy happy baby! Praise God for that.
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Grandparents loving on her

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