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Look to the Cookie!

I love good friends. I especially love good friends who send me goodies! Our dear friend Bill from NY sent me a package,well he sent Micah and I a package, but we all know he was sending some NY love to his lil' prego friend. Basically I arrived home to find a box full of Black & White cookies. You all might recognize this cookie from a particular Seinfeld episode, but I recognize these cookies from our recent visit to NY, where I probably consumed 100 of them. I had mentioned to him a couple of weeks ago that I had been craving them and, well, let me just say my little pregnant heart was overjoyed when I saw the cookies and I seriously thought I was going to cry. I didn't, because that would've been extremely fatty if I cried over cookies but you get the point of how happy I was. Oh by the way, Bill didn't buy just any old cookie, he actually took the time and went down to a local baker and purchased them fresh, then had them overnighted to me. A thousand thanks Bill, you are awesome!!
And Yes I shared with Micah and the Quiggle's. I even let Bea choose the one she wanted and even though she picked the biggest one I let her have it. I will admit that I already ate two... devoured is probably the more appropriate word.

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