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That is the best word to describe these past two weeks. It was Shannon's 30th birthday on the 4th, so we basically have been celebrating non-stop since then. From pancake breakfast, Thai Birthday dinner, having dinner on the Queen Mary, all day excursion at Disneyland and then to top it all off we surprised her by flying out to San Francisco for a shopping extravaganza this past weekend. I know, I know it doesn't sound any different than our usual on-the-go craziness, but I have to say being pregnant makes things a whole lot more of an ordeal. I was a trooper mind you and didn't complain at all, but boy was my body complaining after everything we did. When we arrived home on Sunday from San Francisco I napped for almost 4 1/2 hours straight. That is the same amount of sleep I get during the night so I was pretty shocked I slept that long but I think my body (and baby) needed some R&R . I won't go into detail about all the shenanigans because I'm pretty sure Shan will blog about it. I will post some pics from everything though. Before I forget, I want to give a shout out to Tricia and Leighton for being such incredible hosts and friends while we were in San Francisco. You guys ROCK! Thanks for everything.
We went exploring on the Royal Vessel after our fabulous dinner
Meeting Mickey

Alcatraz is somewhere behind us

Mmmm...Clam Chowder on Pier 39

That is a Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate in my hand , not coffee. And yes we bought two cupcakes....AMAZING!

P.S ...her birthday gift from me was tickets to go see Wicked so we still have that to look forward to this weekend!

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