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Where's Nat?

Well hey Howdy hey everyone! Where have I been you are all wondering, I know this for a fact because many of you have vocally expressed how I need to start blogging again, especially since I no longer work and have no excuse but to take time and type my thoughts. I am apologizing now for the long agonizing blog you are about to endure, but it has been just over a month since my last post so there is quite some catching up to do.
First things first...I quit my job. Feb.1st was my last day and I can't remember the last time I was this happy and at peace in my life. Micah and I both knew God was calling me out of that place for quite a while. There were signs and red flags all over the place. My only regret is not heeding to God's word and quitting sooner. That being said, I love not working...well I mean for that place. I was nervous at first because of the whole financial aspect but God has blessed us tremendously and we are realizing that I might not ever go back to the corporate world. Even now looking back it is so weird to think I have always worked in that kind of atmosphere and nothing about it suits me. I mean I am so not corporate, I was good at it yes, but hated it much. Anyway, I am home and happy.
So, what have I been doing you ask? Well not sitting eating Bon-bons and watching Top Model marathons like you are assuming. I actually haven't had time to watch TV. Wow, I just wrote that but then when I really think about it I haven't watched TV once during the day since I have been home. Well, let's see I started dancing at the community college again with Shan Tues. & Thurs. evenings and then I also have bible Study following right after dance on Thursdays. I love that I can attend the mid-week service now and attend my bible study.
The second week of February Micah and I went to Cancun so Micah and I prepared for that and enjoyed our week away on the soft clean sand, while ordering Lobster by the poolside. We were able to go on this trip (all expenses paid) because Micah hit some stock goal within his company. So we literally were able to order whatever we wanted, it was amazing. Perfect trip to go on after quitting my job. Even though Cancun was awesome I was ready to get home because there were a few projects that I needed to tackle. I think because knowing I didn't have to go back to work after the trip made me excited for the things I could now do that I once could not because of my work schedule.
Micah playing with the shells of the lobster we just ate on the beach
The view from our resort
The first project is our kitchen. I have been wanted to renovate my kitchen for over a year but like I said time hasn't permitted. So before Cancun we stripped down the cabinets and painted them black and I painted the new base coat on the walls. I am doing a cupcake themed kitchen and I can't wait to reveal the before and after shots. I know Jen is dying to see the results. Be patient it will be done by next weekend. This project has been a blast and being able to work on it during the day has been great.
Jen, here is a lil' taste of what's to come
My next project is actually my new job for the next few months and it s basically a dream come true. As you have read in Micah's blog (if you haven't, read it, or the Ensor Family blog to get all the details) Kristi his sister got engaged, and in doing so has made me her wedding coordinator! I know right, perfect for me! They have decided to get married on a beach here in Cali and since neither the Bride or Groom live anywhere near here I am helping with all the preparations for the big day! I have spent everyday looking for the perfect location for the lovely couple. You know how crazy the months of July and August are for weddings, especially a beach wedding here in Cali, and since those are the months on which they can say their "I do's" I have spent my mornings with my tea and toast researching locations that are available. Most days I have eating my lunch while sitting in front of this computer and I tell you what....It is AWESOME! I love that this is what I have committed to do and that Kristi was gracious enough to trust me with all the details of her special day. I am so blessed to have this opportunity to plan their wedding! I will probably have more updates about this, and or will talk about Kristi if she turns into a Bridezilla! (kidding Kiki I would never talk trash publicly...wait, I mean at all)

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