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Thanksgiving = Christmas

This year was a little different for Thanksgiving because we were able to host it. Normally we spend it with my family in a cabin with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins, but this year it didn't work out with every ones schedule. It was OK though because Shannon and I were able to prepare our first Thanksgiving feast together. Everything turned out delicious even though our 25lb turkey was finished two hours before schedule. We had to pull all our resources. Both ovens, and two toaster ovens to prepare all the side dishes in time. Rather humorous really.
Who says I can't multitask...I mean I am rocking curlers and fighting my dog off the turkey, while I am basting it.

25 lbs Baby!! The boys and their cranberry sauce. Man of the House carving his 1st Thanksgiving turkey Cali style Outdoor Thanksgiving. The Feast! Damage after the feast...
I was really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year not only so I could say I made my first Thanksgiving feast but because of the shopping that comes after it. Shannon had never experienced Black Friday before so this just made it more exciting for me. We woke up at 3:00 and were at the mall by 3:45 in the morning! Seriously we were crazy but it was so worth it and so much fun. We didn't buy much but being out in the hustle and bustle got us in the Christmas Spirit.
Our first doorbuster! YAY! JcPenny opened at 4:00 a.m and that was our first stop.
Here we are waiting in the Old Navy line @4:30 in the morning. We received free MP3 players for being two of the first 100 customers! Ok so Shan was a little more excited, it being her 1st Black friday and all...
Then came Saturday. Micah got all of our Christmas boxes down and we set out to decorate the house. He put up the lights on the outside of the house and I decorated the inside with the help of Bea. She helped put all the ornaments on the tree. I love Christmas and it seems that one holiday leads to the other. I mean in between cooking the Thanksgiving meal we were looking at ads of all the stores we would Christmas shop at while Santa was displayed on the TV going by on his sleigh in the Macy's Parade. All Thanksgiving does is officially kick off the Christmas Holiday and I love it!!! Sugar cookies and gingerbread houses here I come!

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Micah Ensor said...

Your too much, it's awesome that you have your sunglasses on the top of your head while your wearing your apron after taking the turkey out of the oven. PRECIOUS!