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Serve your Love - #simplyserve2014

I know I'm not the only mom who wants to get out and show our kids how to be lights in this dark world. Wanting to teach them to be little encouragers and smile bringers. Showing them how to serve others well even at a young age. Though my heart is willing my flesh is weak. Often times I forget that serving others doesn't need to be a grand thing or even involve money sometimes. Having the kids help color letters to send to friends or family, bake cookies for a friend who has had a rough week or letting that mom with a screaming toddler go ahead of you in line because thank God at that moment your babes are well behaved and can spare a few extra minutes to wait in line.
Honestly serving others can be as simple as holding the door open for another mom with a stroller or smiling and being polite to the checker who is giving you major attitude. 

I'm always motivated and encouraged to do more for others when I see others doing it or when I see a post about it on Instagram or Facebook. With hopes of spurring others on and encouraging those who don't know where to start is how Simply Serve came to be.

I'm excited to be collaborating with these fab women as we learn to simply serve better in 2014! We are choosing a word to collectively inspire other women throughout the year and we have chosen SERVE.

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Corrine (Mint Arrow
Tiffany (Rue Rococo
Jen (Delightful Deets)

Every month on the first Thursday of the month we will have a post that informs you of our goal for the month AND the post will have a FREE printable from Alissa (The Printed Palette). 
THEN on the last Thursday of the month we will have a wrap up post sharing our experiences and what we did. We invite you to share along with us. Use the hashtag #simplyserve2014 when you share any social media about this project so we can follow along! It’s easy, fun, and we will hopefully help inspire some wonderful people along the way.

Grab this awesome printable here
If you missed January's grab it here

This month's theme is 

I'm really excited about this months theme! I love my Micah more than words. He is actually quite easy to Love. He is a fantastic husband, father, friend and spiritual leader.However, I know that I have been wanting to learn to love him better. There was a time (pre-kids) that I packed all his lunches with love notes in them and placed simple reminders tucked away in his suitcases if he traveled. Texted him to let him know I was thinking about him every day and dated him regularly. 

Now a days, in our hectic schedule with his travels, parenthood, running a small business and everything else in between I barely even throw left overs at him to take to work, have neglected to sneak love notes in his luggage and only text him when I have a question or need something picked up on his way home. I hate even typing that out and admitting that because I love him so much and we have a wonderful marriage and he never even complains about not doing anything special for him, but it's knowing I should be trying to better myself as a wife all the time that has tugged at my heart.

I know it was once MUCH easier to dote on him when I didn't have little people needing me all day err-day and I'm not saying it needs to be exactly the same as it once was, but I can definitely do more to show him I not only love him but care for him.

This month, and not just because Valentine's day is quickly approaching but because I want to always show MIcah that I do indeed love him, I want to use this "Serve your Love" as a jumping point to launch back into loving him well.
I know just by taking the time to do simple gestures or planning my day to include making his breakfasts and lunches (not just the kid's) and coming up with ways to let him know I'm thinking about him during the day will be so beneficial to our marriage. 
Like I said I'm so excited for this month's theme and hope you are too!

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