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slowin' it down

So you know how we've been frantically in search of a new home, because we are looking to downsize? No, I haven't mentioned it? Oh well we are.
I'm not gonna even try and act like it hasn't been stressful. Besides closing my shop (which was very emotional) and trying to fit in stitching the last of my orders, I have also been trying to plan our ten year vow renewal ceremony as well as our trip to London and Paris... all while trying to find us a new home.
Well, about our trip... I haven't been trying to plan the actual trip Micah is taking care of that (I hope) but I have been trying to mentally prepare and plan all the things I want to leave the babes with when we are away from them for ten days.
Not to mention a few different events I committed myself to months ago, not realizing all this other stuff was going to be happening during this time and are now upon me and is definitely not helping the anxious feeling in my gut.
Oh and you know Micah is getting through finals for his Masters right now, so there you have it. If you were looking for it I just gave you the perfect recipe for crazy.
You are welcome.
Then somehow during the midst of all this crazy, something beautiful happened that changed it all. Like a breathe of fresh Spring air to my soul. 
It happened while Micah and I snuck out for a random last minute date night to a concert in San Diego this past week, we chatted about all of the upcoming events and changes in our lives. We discussed the houses we found in our price range and how neither of us had a peace about any of them.
Then Micah said the most profound thing. Simple, yet profound.
He said we should push back our move date to July 1st.
(this is where the clouds parted and heavenly beams came shining down as the angels sang Hallelujah!)
It would be after our renewal ceremony so we don't have to worry about finding a location to have it at other than our own backyard + it would be after our Anniversary trip so there wouldn't be so many big changes for the kids back to back.
Seeing how we are supposed to be moved out of our current house in less than two weeks + are still needing to find a new place before moving out and I haven't packed up or sold anything this seemed like a logical solution.
Then after he said it I was thinking "why were we even rushing it so fast in the first place?" We both felt the stir in our hearts to move and both felt the Lord telling us to learn to live with less but then we were off and running. Like it had to be RIGHT NOW!
I know we are seeking God's will and trying to live out our lives for Him but I also know that the enemy likes to add distractions to our lives to take our eyes off our priorities.
It's like the instant Micah said let's hold off, I realized how consumed I had been with moving and saw how irritable and short I had become with Micah during this time. 
A time when we should be excited about our new adventure especially as we are approaching our anniversary.
I'm so grateful God revealed my ugly heart in that moment and saw how easily I let myself become distracted and overwhelmed.
Grace upon Grace people. 
I need it daily.
All that to say...
Micah is the best.
No, I mean God is so good.
Well, yes to both of the above but really I'm taking a breath and a seat so I can make some lists, plan out these upcoming weeks and enjoy lots of iced tea in this warm California sun.
Plus I now I have time to gut the house and have a huge sale to rid of most of our belongings that wont fit in a smaller home.We can also be excited about planning our ten year anniversary events instead of stressed and overwhelmed. 

Micah went on to say how marriage is sacred and is often not viewed that way, especially in our society. He reminded me of our past couple years and how much we've grown in the Lord, as a couple and a family. He said this is worth celebrating and that we have been waiting for this since our last renewal. 
He was right. 
We have been planning this since our five year renewal and we don't want this memory to get shuffled in the mix of moving and big changes.
So blessed by my Micah and him making this decision.

So there you have it. Where we are at right now. Or at least where I'm at.
Moving just a tad bit slower so we can take in these special moments together. As a family. Enjoying each day as it comes instead of being so completely overwhelmed by it all. 
Plus all I want to do is eat strawberry shortcake and work on my tan...
house hunting + packing + sob-fests 
uhhh No Thank you.
Ain't nobody got time for dat


christina said...

so thankful for grace and more grace!!

praying this transition goes smoothly for you!

p.s. loved the last

Ashley said...

I think this is perfect. :0) I can't wait to hear about your 10 year renewal! Lincoln and I want to take a honeymoon (we didn't take one when we got married) for our 10 year...but at this point we're thinking we'll be removing jiggers together to celebrate...that's good too right?! ;0)

Love you guys!

Loretta said...

The wonder of it all is that wherever you guys move to, you will take yourselves and that in and of itself will be a beautiful thing no matter what. :-) If I ever were to meet someone and get married, I could only hope that I would be such a godly wife as you are. Blessings to you in your search. God will most certainly make known the location to you. He always has for me. Yes, there definitely is something about enjoying the journey and not just getting to the destination. Isn't there?