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This weekend ranks high on my lists of awesome weekends for sure. Friday I had been having a loooong day with the babes and so our fun dinner plans with friends were going to be canceled because of high emotions, except our friends were like "ah, we've been there, bring your crazy selves and lets have fun" and sure enough dinner was great and then a fun low key night with everyone turned into a spontaneous evening of night swimming (since you can do that in Southern Cali) plus we ended up keeping the babes awake super late to watch movies while we chatted and ate sweets. It.Was.Glorious.

Then the next morning I drug my tired self out of bed (way too early for  a Saturday) and while the house was quiet and everyone slept I got ready for the grand opening of Oh Hello Friend's new shop! I met up with Molly + Karise and to our surprise were the first ones there (that may have something to do with the fact that we were two hours early, but really who needs details WE WERE THE FIRST ONES!) So we grabbed us some coffee to enjoy as we giggled and waiting anxiously for the doors to open! 
The whole morning of waiting, shopping,photo booth taking, vintage store shopping, cafe eating, heart to heart sessions made all for one of the best days ever! And if you are in the Southern California area you need to head on over to her shop in downtown Fullerton because it is so sweet! 

Later that evening...
My parents + little brother Greggy showed up and we hung out with them and enjoyed visiting with Uncle Greggy as we said our goodbyes as he would be flying home to Michigan today. 

If my weekend couldn't have been blessed and full from family and friends already Sunday really just added sprinkles to my already frosted cake! 
Church was awesome and afterward (since Micah was serving 2nd service) I headed to the flea market with the babes and scored some awesome finds and spent less than $10. I was stoked. 
I came home to lay the babes down and shortly after Micah came home but needed to tackle some studying for school which enabled me to slip out and meet up for some coffee with an old friend and was so very blessed with our time together.

I figured since my weekend was already so awesome, why not go out with a bang and decided to have a girls date with Elsie, so we headed to Disneyland for a late night adventure. We rode all the rides she wanted to since we didn't have Vernon in tow, watched the whole parade, filled our tummies with churros + popcorn and then stayed late enough to marvel at the fireworks show together. It was perfect, and her little heart was so so happy. 
I woke this morning feeling so grateful for all the blessings. Family, friends,
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!


Hanna said...

Love this post Nat!!! Your kids are so precious. I am dying to get a couple one in one dates with my kiddoes. It seems we are always so busy, it doesn't happen near enough! Your friends shop is so cute!! Have a great day lovely:)

Tara said...

Love this. Hectic weekend turned great ;) And what a blessings spontaneous mom/daughter dates are, I'm still so thankful when my mom spurs one on me!

Heres to a happy start to the week :)

molly june. said...

dang girl. you got a lot in :) so fun being with you this wkend. i just love you so.