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Love One Another

My babes are sick again. Which totally bums me out. We had to miss out on a birthday party, bible study and even canceling our own Valentine Party I was hosting due to their colds. Just when I was about to throw myself a pity party I realized whether or not we were having people over we could make them feel extra special and loved this Valentine's. I figured that the devotional and craft I had planned for the other kids coming over could be done with just them.
So Micah and I got up early to decorate + prepare a yummy Valentine's day breakfast for the babes. Micah whipped up the pancakes while I made the heart shaped egg in a baskets! Unfortunately, because they were under the weather they slept in much later than usual and so Micah had to head out to work and miss out on all the fun. They both squealed at all the goodies and balloons and just wanted to eat their See's truffles instead of their heart shaped pancakes (note to self, hide all candy until after lunch next year)
When you add feeling a little stir crazy + awesome sunny weather, it only equates to getting out of the house. Being limited of where I could go with sick babes I decided to go for a walk to our donut shop to get a Valentine Donut hole for each. We sat outside and enjoyed the morning together before heading back home for Vernon's nap.
While my little man rested, Elsie and I spent some quality one on one time together doing a devotion on John 13:34 "Love one another as I have loved you..." and made a little tune up to help her memorize the verse. We talked about what it means to love one another and some things we can do to show our love. We then spent the rest of the afternoon painting hearts and rainbows.
It was such a beautiful low key day and when daddy came home to his homemade Valentine meal of Trader Joe's finest Indian Cuisine my heart skipped a couple beats when Elsie ran to welcome him and screamed that she learned her bible verse. Sure enough she stood there and sang the verse to him having made this one of the most special Valentine's ever. My heart was so full watching Elsie put those words into action by being loving to Vernon throughout the day. It was a testament of God's word and an example even to me. 
Hope you all had a special V-day and know that you are all so loved by a God who is so good!
Happy Friday! 


Lotus Blossom said...

So cute! Hope everyone feels better! Xo

Carly said...

How cute was that breakfast????? I'm so sorry about the sickness.....will be praying yall get better soon!


Emily said... heart would just EXPLODE hearing the recited bible verse! Austyn is only six months old, so we have awhile... but I love that you are putting scripture into practice on a largely commercialized holiday! Cuteness all over, too! :)

shannon quiggle said...

Nattie! What a wonderful thing, to see E put love into action like that!

Nay said...

I just cried a little bit with this post, Nat. Thank you for reminding me that although life doesn't always turn out the way you planned, God's plan is SO MUCH better.
Love you friend - so happy I stopped by and read this post.
The kiddies look adorbs and I think I'll use the "make a song out it" with my kids.

Hanna said...

so sorry your kiddos are sick:( looks like you managed a little fun anyhow. Love Elsie's little outfit and your devotional art work!

Loretta said...

You're a good Mom <3

Sassy Singleton said...

So sweet!!!!

Shio Waline said...

How crumby that the kids were sick, but at least you still got to make their day extra special :) Your little ones are very adorable! I really liked your Valentine decor, I wish I thought to make a fun banner too! And how wonderful that you are able to share God's word with your babies :) Hope you & your family are having a lovely weekend!


Anonymous said...

That banner is the sweetest thing ever! They're going to remember that for years to come! I hope they're feeling better (and that you didn't get sick too!).