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tid bits from our weekend

me & alissa
I would like to tell you that these pics of Elsie and Vernon were taken in the same day but sadly they are not. They wore the same thing all weekend. As in Friday-Sunday type of deal. The only reason they changed (a one time deal for like two hours) was because I coaxed them to actually want to leave the house Saturday afternoon. By coax I mean bribe and by bribe I mean we went to McDonald's and then walked around Toys R Us for an hour + some playing with every toy in the store to kill some time.
To make matters more pathetic, the only time I changed out of my frump wear was on Sunday for a fabulous blogger meet up at Lotus Salon in Costa Mesa. Thanks to miss Carly of Lipgloss and Crayons who invited me to this fab shindig, I was able to get out for a bit and get pampered. It was so great to sit back and see some sweet faces while sipping on my coffee and having my hair did...braided that is. We had the option for a blow out style or a braided style and since I never do braids or up do's I figured why not.The stylist there were amazing and oh so sweet I can't wait to go back to try out some of their other services! 
I was stocked I went with the braided option because I loved how rad it turned out and I may or may not have slept on my face last night in hopes that it would stay in place so I can rock the same hairdo today ;)
So back to my lazy household, I'm telling you, the babes were so content just being at home and to be honest so was I. There was just so much joy and simple happiness in doing nothing. 
But it wasn't really nothing.
It was something.
Something so sweet and joyous to wake up with absolutely no agenda. To read books in the tee pee, make playdoh creations and watch movies all day until we fell asleep on the couch. We also used the entire stock pile of glow sticks I invested in for glow in the dark bath time Every. Single. Night, which was directly followed up with dance parties with the glow sticks Every. Single. Night. There is magic in those glow sticks I tell ya'. So cheap, and yet so much fun!
Between book readings and dance parties we cuddled and sipped on hot chocolate, did crafts and played pretend kitchen for hours.
So blessed by my sweet babes this weekend I just couldn't get enough.


Miriam said...

so nice meeting you yesterday! and happy for you to be able to have some "mommy alone time" and get pampered!
and i love that your one photo has me in the background lol. <3

Hanna said...

Beautiful Post. I love those lazy weekends when the kids are content!

Kelsey said...

LOVE that hair-do! So funny, in the picture you took in the salon mirror, the gal behind you is doing the same thing!

Amanda said...

As always, you are stunning, my friend! You rock that braid, truly! :)

Enjoy being at home with those babies. In the blink of an eye you will be leaving them at school everyday. Our's went back this morning after a two week winter break. I miss their giggles and SO want them here with me. Soak it ALL up!



Danielle said...

I LOVE that braid!! I wish I had hair as gorgeous as yours so I could do that!!

Kimberly said...

You look so pretty. You remind me of a friend of mine.

Carly said...

Your braid was amazing!! Loved it, and loved getting to see you!

I vote we have these days on a regular basis :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the blowout and the braid. So pretty :)