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scenes from our pre-Christmas weekend

This weekend was beyond good for my soul. Celebrating Christmas with some of my favorite people was just what my heart needed! I loved being able to host my girls brunch this year with my best girl friends! Plus following right after was our annual "Quigsor Christmas" (our best friends last name is Quiggle and ours is Ensor so it was only fitting to Super Friend our names years back) 
Plus my little brother flew home from Michigan this week and so we got to hang with just him before Christmas Day and the babes couldn't get enough of their Uncle Greggy. It blessed me so to watch them love him!
This weekend was filled with lots of laughing, too much eating, lots of encouragement, amazing gifts, warm conversations, visits from new and old friends throughout the weekend which left the house feeling a teensy bit empty once my brother left late Sunday night. 
All I know is that we are truly blessed and oh so loved. 
I love my family and have the best friends in the world, even if those are the same friends who hack into your phone while you step away into the kitchen to prepare yummy treats and then post horrific pictures on your instagram feed for all the world to see. Yes those are my best friends and I love them.
This weekends events definitely got us Ensors in the holiday spirit and now are all dancing around today as we prep for Christmas tomorrow!!! 
I think have checked almost everything off our list for the big day except a few last minute travel necessities and baking a cake for our Savior's Birthday Celebration!!
Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! 


Hanna said...

Merry, merry Christmas Nat!!! I am so glad that I have found your wonderful blog!!!! You and your family are so precious and I have really, really enjoyed seeing pics of your weekend! Thanks for sharing!!!! Marry Christmas and god bless you:) xoxo Hanna

Loretta said...

Love the one of the big guy with the two kids. Just 3 kids mesmerized watching TV. :-) Priceless. Now that's a great uncle. smile. Merry Christmas to a godly woman, mother and sister in the Lord.

Amanda Lambrechts said...

You are so GORGEOUS! I loved looking at your pictures and feeling like a part of your celebration! Looked like a fun, relaxing time.
Merry Christmas!

Amanda @ Faith Love Strength

gayle t. said...

Meat tornado, hahah! Awesome-sauce. :)

Merry Christmas, Nat!