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This is the week... 
The week that shopping carts will be filled to the brim with turkeys, hams, cranberries and all the necessary ingredients to prepare a feast. The week when many are stalking online ads and newspapers for those Black Friday deals. A time when we start checking off the things to buy on our Christmas list for others. The week when Christmas decorations are being pulled off the garage shelves and the strings of outdoor lighting are being untangled. 
Unfortunately, it is also a time when those who are less fortunate are painfully reminded even more so of how little they have. A time where many can't afford to buy the necessary foods to prepare even the simplest of Thanksgiving meals. With that being said it is also one of the most giving times of the year; when people from all over give a little, or maybe a lot, to help those who are in need during the Holidays.
I have often spoke on my blog about giving and I always try to help promote worthy causes and organizations that need support. More importantly, I have revealed part of my life story and why I have the desire to give HERE. I have been there. I can remember the sorrows and sadness that came with the Holidays and being in need but I also remember the blessings that were poured out on us by friends from church or complete strangers who had giving hearts. 
Since marrying Micah almost ten years ago we have made it a priority to help as much as we are able to different organizations or charities during the holidays. We both just have a heart for those in need and love to give back to others with which the Lord has given to us.
This year was a little different. I'm not sure if it's because I had recently shared on the blog about growing up with a single mom and some of the hardships we faced as a family or if it is because God placed the desire on both mine and Micah's hearts, but we decided that in addition to the organizations and charities we support during the holidays we also wanted to help out a family in need. More specifically a single mom family who really needed help. 
We had prayed for the right family and sure enough God placed the most precious family into our lives that not only didn't have the means to buy their own Thanksgiving meal but just needed to be loved on because of recent hardships they have faced in their family. 
We felt that just buying them a meal wasn't enough and wanted to make something really special for their family for the upcoming Holiday. Sadly the Holidays can sometimes heighten your sorrows when you can't partake in the activities of the season including the feasting. We are so grateful God placed them in our lives to help inspire hope during a time when they may feel hopeless. To be able to share the joy of the Lord with them and shower them with love is such a blessing.
So after talking about it we knew we wanted to make them a gift basket! I was recently shopping at one of my fave stores World Market to stock up on my tea supply (they have the best selection of teas at World Market if you didn't know) and while I was there I saw they had an array of Thanksgiving decor along with gourmet foods and spices to help prepare your Thanksgiving meal. I remember hearing that their Turkey Brine was to die for so when I saw it there I made a note to come back and stock up on some of their goodness. I also remembered seeing their selection of wooden baskets and knew that this was the place I'd be shopping for all my gift basket needs for this family. 
What I didn't know was how much awesomeness I would find there. I had forgotten about the diversity of items World Market carries. I had chalked them up to a gourmet food/wine and fun furniture store not realizing that they carry everything from candles to fashionable scarves, teas and coffees to unique toys! I was seriously like a kid in a candy store. Not only was I able to buy yummy food products and sparkling cider but I also picked up toys, stationary, fine soaps, lotions and the best smelling candles ever!! I would squeal every time I found a perfect item to add to this family's basket. I was even happier that this mama of two didn't have to make stops at five different stores to complete this basket but was able to fill it to the brim with amazing products all from one store; World Market. It truly is a one stop shopping spot! I was able to get everything I needed plus more. 
After we packaged up thirty different items into the basket and prayed over it as a family we anonymously dropped off the beautiful basket filled with World Market goodies along with groceries for their Thanksgiving meal on their doorstep.
This was one of those experiences that has you jumping back into the car to head right back to the store so you can start buying more for others. It just helps keeps things in perspective and is a great reminder of how little it takes to bless someone else especially when they are going through a difficult time. 

Now before you grab your car keys and head out to World Market to make a basket for someone in need or just for someone special, I have some amazing news to share with you! 
World Market is having a Share the Joy Sweepstakes right now!
  • Grand Prize package includes: A $5,000 American Express Gift Card for you and $5,000 for a charity of your choice
  • You could be one of 5 winners (one winner per week).
  • The Share the Joy Sweepstakes ends 12/21/12.

Umm that's right! You could score a $5,000 AMEX gift card and then get to pick which charity to donate $5,000 to! Can you imagine how blessed you and so many others can be from this sweepstakes!
Make sure you head over HERE now to enter to win!
You can also follow @worldmarket on twitter and go check out some of their awesome pinterest boards HERE for gift ideas this season. 


Praying you all have a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday week and that you are encouraged to give this season! Plus how could you not get pumped when there is an amazing sweepstakes like the one 
World Market is having!

**please know that this post was written to inspire and encourage others to give how ever they are able. This was not a showboat post about what we did but what God is able to do through the extra means he's blessed us with recently and we're truly blessed by this opportunity**

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™, but all my opinions are my own. Giving back and helping those in need are truly my heart and was blessed with the opportunity to work with World Market to do just that. 


Kimberly said...

Found your blog thru Bits of Splendor. I love your blog and what you did for a family at Thanksgiving. I would have done the same thing. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving and I am following you now. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

Carly said...

Love this, I'm sure they were excited when they opened the door!

Have a wonderful thanksgiving!


shannon said...

I just adore you guys and your giving hearts. Seriously. So excited to spend the holidays with yinz.

Courtney said...

What a sweet and thoughtful idea! World Market is indeed one of the best places ever!

Xo, Courtney

Miss Eshbaugh said...

This is such a sweet blog!!! I love this basket you made! How darling!!! :-) I need some help in the creativity department! You might be the inspiration I need! and P.S. you kids are sooo super cutie!!! :-)

whitney f said...

Love that you did this anonymously! Love you and Micah's generous hearts, it has inspired to give more myself this season!!

Micha said...

I loved this so much!!! We have a single momma of three at our church that our small group has been able to love on this past summer. We went over to her house to work on the yard and the guys put up a play structure for the kiddos. Even all of our kiddos were able to help out too by cleaning some of the outdoor toys. It was an awesome experience and God just blessed everyone involved. I love how you just blessed the socks off this momma because God has blessed your socks off :)

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke Photography said...

I love the animal hands=--gave it to our boys for Christmas last year! Great ideas, posting mine tomorrow!