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If you don't know it already I love to travel. I loved traveling with Micah all over before we had Elsie & Vernon and then I even loved traveling for work on my own. After Elsie was born we still flew quite a bit to visit family in other states and do small family vacays in new places but have only traveled a bit since Vernon was born. Though we haven't done much in the last year I still love to get on a plane and travel somewhere new!
Packing my suitcase always stirs up excited emotions and triggers me to happy dance all over the place + get all pumped up, but that was a little different today. As I was having the babes help me pack for my trip and when I say help I mean Vernon pulling out every article of clothing I put in and Elsie trying it all on,
and during this process Elsie said something that made my heart ache and instead of excited happy dancing, tears instantly weld up inside me. 
Elsie: "Mama I can go with you"
Me: "No baby this is just for grown up girls, there will be no little ones there"
Elsie: "That's okay mama I don't need friends I can just stay with you"

She doesn't understand why I'm going or why she can't go but just knows in that sweet little heart of hers that she wants to be with me. I started thinking about why I'm doing this and if this was a mistake and I know that sounds extreme but there has just been so many things come up recently that I have questioned it already.
I came online to check the Influence Blog for any last minute details about the conference I may have missed and noticed a post about Making the most of our trip and saw that a few of the leaders posted "Five Things we Should Know Before the Trip" list and sweet Moriah posted this as her first 

"This weekend is about you, your gifts, and learning how God wants you to use your voice for Him. I encourage you to have faith that your family, your workload, your pets, and your friends at home will all be fine without you. This is your opportunity to learn more about yourself and focus on your relationship with God. This is your time to visualize how God wants you to create a community that will take on the blogging/online business world by storm. We've been praying for every single one of you, that you hear God at this conference. You've invested so much time and money into this weekend, and we want you to be present for it, not to miss a thing."

Umm can you say exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you Lord for that very loving push and reminder of why you called me to this conference in the first place!
So with that being said I'm off to finish packing and get my snacks ready for the plane. Yes this girl needs snacks!


Nicole@thestylehatch said...

Oh girl when I read that yesterday it clicked with me too!!

And what a sweet little family you have- those pictures are precious! Can't wait to finally meet you and be your roomie!!!! xo

Anonymous said...

That is tough but try and have some fun!!!! XO

Anonymous said...

Haaa that was Bianca.

Courtney said...

I have noticed that the events I have questioned the most or have the hardest time getting to- I usually get the most out of. It is my opinion that those feelings of guilt or second guessing yourself comes directly from the enemy who is trying to keep you from what God has is store for you!

Have so much fun and enjoy every minute. I can't wait to hear about it.