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Scenes from a very filled weekend

First off can I just say I love my hubs, and all his random acts of silliness. I was cracking up when I saw he not only hacked into my blog but posted about it all over my other social media accounts as well. I heart him.
This weekend was an emotional one for me. Besides having Vernon kick off the weekend with vomiting and a very high fever I was still recovering from all my own sickness, was overwhelmed with the fact that I was speaking at my first conference and I turned thirty so you know, it was a big weekend for sure. Throw in a concert and a surprise gift from Micah and that just about did me in. I was so blessed by this weekend's events and by all the love from family and friends as I celebrated my Golden Birthday. 

I was just going to post pics but thought I'd give you a bit of the low down first. 

Friday night: Alissa treated me to a birthday pedi and spoiled me with some awesome gif ties! Shan was there to celebrate too because she spent the night. (she lives an hour + away and was accompanying me for support to the conference Sat morn)
After our pedicures we grabbed some pumpkin spice goodness to sip on as we shopped Anthro and giggled the night away. Just what I needed after such a long week and to help take my mind off of what lied ahead. (yes I was very stressed about the conference so a girls night out was what I needed to help ease my anxiety a bit)
 apparently I get crazy eyes when I'm excited about something
 I'm playing with my gifts while getting my toes did.
(Shan's face cracks me up in the background)
swag bags!
 Alissa and I before the conference and if you look real close I think you can see stress sweat dripping off from both of us. 
she totally rocked her session!
Saturday: Penelope Lane Mini blog conference slash Boutique. I woke up excited and couldn't wait to get the day started. We had so much fun listening to Alissa kick of the conference with a bang as she shared about Finding your voice when working with brands. She did an amazing job and I learned so much from her while being inspired all at the same time. 
Right after she spoke my nerves kicked in and was starting to think I should plan an exit strategy quick if I was going to bail on this thing.
Thank God for Shan being there to calm my nerves. After Alissa spoke and my perspiring increased, Shan suggested that we should go take some time to breathe and shop the boutique. Since I was the last speaker of the day we had some time to regroup my thoughts and pray. After shopping a bit we stopped by the photo booth for some fun! I was so happy to have Shan with me reminding me that I could do it and that God was in control.
I loved walking around and seeing so many familiar faces and meeting ones I had only seen from behind the screen of my computer. Making those real life connections are so sweet. I was ridiculously blessed that Kimmie from Sugar & Dots was there for the conference and I just about cried when I saw her. She holds a special place in my heart because she reached out to me when I was just a little blogger. She helped shape me into the blogger I'm becoming and is also a huge factor of why my shop was even formed and for that I love this beautiful girl. Her heart is just so big, I just wanted to squeeze her face off!
look at her and sweet baby Franky!
here's my worksheet sweet Molly designed for my big day
 yes I'm part Italian and yes I talk with my hands... a lot
 see how much calmer we look after we spoke, just sticky from the sweat and nerves is all
 Sarah who runs the Penelope Lane Boutiques and this Mini Blog Conference is one of the sweetest and kindest souls I've ever met. I was so happy to be part of this amazing day she put together. 

I can't tell you how I did because I barely kept it together and felt like I was emotional throughout the whole workshop. I didn't flub my words and didn't even glance at my index cheat cards but I also can't remember what I said. I was just happy that I finished without fainting and that the group I spoke to was amazing. 
Such warm hearts who cried when I cried and laughed when I did. I wanted to hug each and every one of those girls to thank them for letting me share a bit of my story with them. I was blessed by all of their hugs and feedback afterwards, not to mention all the emails I received from many who attended. I'm still not quite sure why God had me speak at this event but I can see some things in His plan start to unfold. Just writing that out makes me emotional, knowing where I was even a year ago and how far He has brought me since brings instant tears to my eyes. 

You would think after a long day I would just go home and crash because that is what my body was pleading with me to do. After all the adrenaline had left me so did the pep in my step. 

But Micah had got us awesome tickets to see The Gaslight Anthem and Rise Against at the Honda Center for my birthday so we were off like two kids again at a show rocking the night away!
Sunday: (my actual birthday) After looking through the pictures I realized it was a very Californian way of celebrating! Beach in the morning, In & Out Burger for lunch and then topping off the night with the Happiest Place on Earth, how much more SoCal could I get?
Elsie wanted to wear this all weekend saying it was her fairy birthday outfit

As if my weekend couldn't have gotten any more awesome Micah surprised me with a special gift he had been working on. 
I was getting ready in the bathroom while the babies were sleeping and so the house was quiet until I heard the theme song to "The Wonder Years" I was instantly intrigued by that and walked into the living room to see a special birthday video that he had put together for me displayed on the TV. I would love to share it with all of you but decided against it and I'll tell you why.
1. It is sixteen + minutes long
2. Micah is ridiculous and if you don't know him and his humor you might just think he's nuts
3. It's very personal and I wept through the whole thing. (Like snot dripping, tears everywhere wept)
4. I wasn't sure if those who were part of it would want the world to see it

But if you really want to see shoot me an email and I might send you the link ;)

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


Julie Ann said...

Aw super bummed I didn't know about this blog conference! I totally would've gone, looks like a great time! xo JA

Alyson McMahon said...

Bummed that I didn't get to go to the conference an boutique. Sounds like you did an amazing job though. I truly hope that one of these days I'll get to hear you speak. Also.. clearly you had a fabulous birthday weekend! That's wonderful and the video sounds so amazing. Hope you have a lovely week.

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Wow! What a fun weekend filled with a lotta love. Great pics. My hubs is jealous that y'all went to see Rise Against. Theyre one of our faves!

And last but not least...happy belated birthday!

Violet said...

Thanks for sharing your story:) Enjoyed your talk at the conference, you did great! And 30 is just the start of more greatness to come, Enjoy it :)!

gilly said...

Well done Natalie, I'm sure your talk was fabulous and a blessing to those who attended. Glad you had a fun golden birthday too - welcome to the 30s, they are the best!

jennifer said...

Looks like a very successful weekend :) Wish I could have been there. Micah and Vernon look so much like each other in that one picture. Soo cute. Love you guys!

Donna said...

Wow! Looks like a great weekend!

Didn't even know there was " blog conferences"

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I went to the conference and met you Nat! You are an amazing person :) Your story touched me and I feel blessed to have heard you speak that day.

Looks like you had a wonderful birthday weekend! And seeing Rise Against? Lucky girl! :)

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Wonderful pictures!! It looks like such a great, full-of-fun weekend!! :) :) xo Holly

molly june. said...

SO fun. like, it doesn't get much funner, kinda fun ;) so happy to be apart of just a smidge of your bday extravaganzas. you are SO loved, girl. <3

No(dot dot)el said...

happy birthday beautiful lady. looks like it was a super fun weekend. and i would have made you feel right at home with my talking italian hands had I been at that conference, but alas i was not(insert eyeore's voice here). one more final note before i go, your lil elsie is just about the cutest thing since, well since the word cute was invented!

DawnaHartman said...

Just so ya know...
I teared up a few times reading this post...1) Girls night pedis, come on now. Holla! I loves a girls night, and it makes me miss my lady friends oh so much!!! 2) Just imagining you speaking at that conference... You bless me from a million miles away, I just know you were outstanding, and those ladies had to of been SUPER blessed by you. 3) Knowing Micah, that video must've been so awesome. I'm thankful you didn't post it. I've always been emotional, but since Jos - it's worse, if you can believe it! I would've been a snotty mess. Dont know if I'll ever be able to watch it ;)
Love you xo
(Maybe this one will go through w/o an error....?)

Flowerchic said...

Oh I bet you did great! Sounds like you had so much fun. Love the pics of you and Micah together, and the kids. Oh and happy belated birthday!