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My influence starts here

I've been reviewing notes and reading over a few of my favorite quotes from the Influence Conference. One of my fave sessions I attended was taught by the amazingly talented author Emily Freeman. She had talked about being aware of those around you and understand that you have an influence for them. While at the conference I was only thinking of that in terms of my blog and other social media platforms. 

She said:"Art can be any work done in the present moment with willing hands, a whole heart and a steadfast belief"

She reminded us that if we feel small and ordinary that those are actually prerequisites for carrying out God's work and that we just need to "Show Up and Receive Grace"

That is when I realized that my influence is more than just for those I don't know, people I may meet in my day to day, online community and my friends in real life. That my influence extends to something much more. My family. My children.
Today was lovely taking a break and letting my thoughts from last week sink in. Getting to sit around and watch them play and reconnect with them.

As I watched Elsie slide down the slide with Vernon and help him up when he fell I could see this is where my influence begins, with my babes.
Some days I may not feel I am good at this whole motherhood thing or that I might have messed up that day and those are the days I feel I'd rather jump online to conquer what I feel I am better at. Blogging or interacting with others. 
Those are the days I feel small and ordinary in a bad light.
So at the end of a perfect day together when both Elsie & Vernon started crying as I was making dinner which just happened to be after receiving a hard phone call from a family member, I couldn't focus and all I wanted to do was just put their dinner on the table, say grace and come hide in here and start posting about my wonderful trip to Indiana.
I fought it. 
I stopped, prayed and by the hand of God's mercy Micah arrived home from work just then. 
Now please understand that I didn't feel like I was "saved" or "relieved" from the situation, I kind of was but that is not my point here.
Instead of retreating and getting frustrated like usual, I asked God to help and He met me where I was. Acknowledging my weakness and loving on those babies patiently even in the moment of pure chaos. It turned out to be such a blessing and instead of my normal feeling of failure I felt more awake in God which ultimately made the enemy and his lies weaker. 
I love having this new confidence now for the imperfect moments, because it's in those moments I can grow, learn and lean on the one true Influencer I want over my own life. God and his never ending love and mercy.
Though so much of what I learned and took away from the conference was about Influencing others and wanting to do bigger and greater things outside of my comfort zone in hopes to make much of Jesus, I understand now that the lessons learned and tools I took from it can be applied to my everyday life as a mom and wife. The thought of that blesses me greatly knowing that this conference was so much more than I had intended or even imagined it would be and I think that's what God had planned the entire time. 


melissa said...

Love that quote by Emily. I have tucked that away in my journal so I can go back to it often!

molly june. said...

sounds perfect. those pics are the sweetest <3 does elsie's dress come in my size? ;)

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Wonderful post Nat! Loved it + I love those pictures! You are gorgeous and your kids are adorable!

Sarah said...

That's so great. I so badly wish I could go. I love the reminder that being influential doesn't meant being a popular blog.

- Sarah