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J & M Botanicals-Brightening Facial Care

So I don't know about you but I'm pretty much a stickler when it comes to changing facial products. I have only switched my daily cleansers and moisturizers a few times in my life because when it works, it works. That is until you add aging and crazy hormone changes after having babies and then things just need to be switched up.
I was recently using philosophy skin care but I have no idea if it was being in the sun more often or the fact that turning thirty just means you all of a sudden get crazy tired looking skin.
I have been told to lay off the coffee and drink more water. I could definitely drink more water but reducing my caffeine intake would be a struggle. Plus I don't want to start hiding behind my sunglasses all the live long day because of my skin...
So when my girlfriend told me to try out her Brightening Skin Care line from J and M Botanicals I figured I had nothing to lose. I knew I needed new product and figured this was perfect timing to try something out.
So she sent me the J and M Botancals Brightening Facial Care Set to try out myself. Upon receiving the package wrapped in all it's cuteness I started reading what ingredients they used. I noticed that they were all ethically harvested and certified organic. No questionable ingredients will ever be found in there products.
Then something caught my attention. Argan Oil.
The very rare Argan Oil (which I had never heard of before this) is amongst the rarest oils in the world and so to make sure over-harvesting doesn't happen and sustainability is a concern they only use it in a few of their products.
I was like okay, so they are earth conscious and care about what they are producing.
Well, that's nice but then I read on.
I continued to find out about their product more, it explained that most of ingredients come from a fair trade women's cooperative in Morocco and in Togo, West Africa. The purchasing of their products enables these women to have a better life. 
I can go on about the details in which they are helping lives in the process of making amazing products but I will save that for another post.
But seriously, even there packaging is all recycled and the bags and ribbons used in each shipment are hand produced by artisan crafters in remote villages where the crafters are paid fair wage for their work!
So now that I was all pumped up about the actual company and what they do I was a little nervous about the product actually producing results. I mean I want to purchase all natural & organic products especially if it is helping the livelihood of others in the process but come on, let's be real this girl needs to be beautified. I gots to be looking so fresh and so clean clean, so I started using it.
All I can say is Oh My Heavens, this stuff is amazing! AMAZING!
At first I thought after washing my face that it had left a filmy coverage or residue but realized after letting it dry that it had polished my face so well it literally removed all the grime leaving my face so smooth that it almost felt unnatural.
Then you add on the spray toner and the ridiculously awesome Argan Oil I talked about earlier and BAM! Brightening ensued.
Even after a late night with the babes or a night out with the girls (Note:I have been using this for a few weeks now so there have been a number of mornings that my face hurt and needed some major love from sleepless nights) This stuff did just that.

I have even had three friends test it just to see what they thought. Each had a different skin type than me and all three said, I need to get me some of that! 
I absolutely love it and I'm officially making the switch and deeming J & M Botanicals as my new skin care.They have loads of products that I'm excited to check out as well like the shaving oil, or the footsies soak!
Oh and I almost forgot, part of the Brightening set includes this magic facial masque. I say it's magic because during those times where I have had slight break-outs or blemishes I applied the masque and seriously it rid of what ever was there. All three times I used the masque it either reduced said blemishes significantly or completely rid of them.
I secretly put this bottle in a locked cupboard so no one else can use my treasure. No not really, but I totally would.

So enough of me going on and on about this stuff, you need to go and buy some stat. Or just enter to win your very own J and M Brightening Facial Kit here!
That's right, J and M Botanicals is offering one lucky reader a Brightening Facial Care Set! Value of $85!
This set includes a daily facial cleanser, a botanically infused toner, a daily serum, and a weekly facial masque. Providing the powerful benefits of organic botanicals and truly natural ingredients, this facial care line is as dreamy to use as it is effective. Great for all skin types and suitable for sensitive skin, combination skin, mature skin, and blemish-prone skin.

Enter using the rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

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shannon said...

i needs this. like, you don't even know, alright?

tricia said...

I do! I have combination skin which means a weird mix of oily and dry. I just use plain soap and water and maybe some moisturizer, if I remember. I could definitely use this!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope I win! Jessie is amazing - I am enrolled in her Clinical Master Herbalist program and love it!

April Carroll said...

Well, the reason you were having such a problem is that Philosophy contains MANY ingredients that are known skin irritants! If you are interested you can read the reviews on .

Freja said...

For a few years, I used the wrong kind of make up for my skin. In an attempt to save money, I used a cheap kind of foundation etc, and then I started having problems with clogged pores and so forth. Now I take care of my skin and invest in better products, but I still have marks and blemishes from all those years ago. Plus I've had to change pill a few times too, to get that right for my skin. Hence .. I love hearing what products others recommend!

Miss Mae said...

YES I have skin challenges, lol my skin is seriously soo weird.. Some days it's ALL super oily and other days it's more like combination-type and it is SO hard for me to find good facial wash that doesn't absolutely make me go bankrupt. xO

Mimi said...

i really want to get rid of the dark spots left over from pimples.

<3, Mimi
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Samantha G. said...

I have acne that just wont quit!

Anonymous said...

I have really sensitive skin (plus I have a 3 and 4 year old so my tired face could use some brightening! :))

Sara said...

I do have skin issues - the biggest one is the dark age spots that started years ago and just won't fade away.

Kate Snow said...

I've been looking to switch up my face regimen too, and I'd prefer to go with something natural rather than slathering chemicals all over my face. This might be the answer!

Kelsey said...

I've been looking for an organic facial care line to try out and this company sounds amazing!! Even if I don't win, I'd invest in a line of true and honest products like these.

Breanna said...

Oily skin!

Alys Hejl said...

My skin is combination skin! So there are spots that are oily and then there are spots that are dry! After being pregnant I have begun to get breakouts of acne again & I hate it! I feel like a teenager and I'm 24!!

Susan said...

Melasma! Which is a nightmare to get rid of.

themosbysinchina said...

Yes! My face is always too oily or too dry! And I can never find an awesome skin care line! Thanks for sharing!

Erica said...

I've had sensitive skin since having my second child and have a hard time finding good products!