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A weekend showered with love

these adorable invites designed by Whimsy Whimsical

My best friend Nat is expecting her first baby early December. (yes my best friend and I share the same name)
We became best friends in junior high and have gone through life since with each other. We have literally  "grown up" together. We've been there for each other during some of the hardest moments of each others lives and have experienced the happiest moments together as well. My name is signed on her marriage certificate as the witness as hers is on mine. And now she will be joining me in this next beautiful chapter called motherhood. 
To say I'm a bit emotional about the whole thing would be a huge understatement. This baby boy of hers will be like a new addition into our family. We all can't wait to smother him with love and watch him grow up in the ways of the Lord. Even little Elsie prays for her Aunt Nat's baby in her belly and thinks our guest room is the new babie's room. 
Seriously she is the most beautiful preggo ever! She was just glowing and I kept wanting to run up to her and squeeze her all day! The shower was beautiful and none of it would've been possible without my party planning committee which consisted of Micah, my mama and my girls Shan, Kate, Miss, Jenn and Trish 
 bunting made by my mama & tree trunk cake stands made by Micah
books in lieu of cards,freshly sharpened pencils for games, menu for the day and mason jars with paper straws
bunting, more bunting some garlands and truffle favor boxes!
Mama-to-be and us Aunties-to-be!
 Party planning committee (I just made us a committee) top to bottom
Shan, Jenn, Miss, Kate and my mama
 those acorn donut holes were made by Kate and they were bomb diggity
These pictures don't do the days event justice and can't tell you how amazing everyone was in making this day so special for Natty, besides the unexpected 90 degree heat, the day went off without a hitch! 
Wait... that's not entirely true because now that I think about it there was a point where Shan and Kate were hauling out fans and extension cords outside to keep the guest's make-up from melting off their faces. Then when Shan was handling the games, Melissa and Kate took the initiative to bring in all the gifts and set up my living room to accommodate almost forty ladies, because they knew miss preggo was not going to handle opening gifts out in that heat.  This was an outside event because of the amount of guests and didn't plan on a heat wave so I was so grateful that the Lord (and the girls) just worked it all out!
Oh and total bonus: I almost only cried once and even got through praying for the baby without crying (that was totally the Lord because every time I just think about her becoming a mama I burst into tears)
The shower was beautiful (thanks to everyone) and we all had a blast just enjoying the day together showering our Natty with blessings. 
Hope your weekends events were full of sweet blessings as well!


Lora said...

wow! what a party!! love the vintage quilts as tablecloths! :)

Amber said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! I also have had the same best friend for the last 16 years, we call each other's spouses 'best friend in-law' and our kids call us auntie and Uncle. There is something so amazing and special about being linked with someone in such a powerful way.

vintage grey said...

What a beautiful baby shower, Nat!! The sweetest touches! Such a special, and happy day!! xo Heather

Torrie said...

Oh my word, what an amazing baby shower! My mamma just threw one for me and my little girl (who should be arriving soon!) but yours is breathtaking! I love all the details & thought you put into it =) Great work Natalie!!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

What a lucky mama! Such a sweet and beautiful baby shower!! I love your dress too! Have a great day! xo Holly

molly june. said...

what a gorgeous party! stunner! nothin' better than a bunch of girls oogling over a fresh baby bump :)

Sweet Tea said...

Everything looks darling so sweet. Tell her Chris and I said congrats. So happy for them.

Anonymous said...

wow I love that print, he will cover u with his feathers.... do u know where it is from I REALLY WOULD LOVE ONE!