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Scenes from a Fantastic Weekend

So let me set Saturday morning's scene for you. Booth set up time was scheduled for 6:45 a.m. so we set the alarm for 6:20. This wouldn't have normally been a problem but seeing how Micah and I have genius minds we thought it a good idea to go out for dinner after we checked in the hotel the night before for a late night bite at oh say 9:30 pm. This is where you should be shaking your head NO and thinking what we should've been thinking 
"you should stay in the room to tag and price all your items?" 

Yes, yes I should have because we didn't get back to the room until 11:30 because we were having an amazing time together just talking about the day to come and munching on yummy eats!

Well, Micah fell asleep before I even pulled out the goods to start pricing so I stayed up pricing everything until about 1:00 am. It was a good thing I fought every urge to just cuddle up next to him and close my heavy lids because when I woke up to the alarm it was just like the scene from Home Alone where Kevin's mom realized she left her son at home and screams on the plane "KEVIN!!" 
except I didn't forget my son, I forgot something almost as important and sat up and screamed 


Yes, I forgot all of my make-up. All. Of. It. 
So we tried to stay calm and made a game plan that I would run to the nearest Rite-Aid and buy stuff to get by and he would set up as much as possible using a text photo of how the display should look. So we drove to the unloading dock and I helped him carry the vintage hutch in and while I still had hot curlers in my hair and sweat pants on I drove to the nearest drug store.

I wish this was a short story but it's not, anyone and everything seemed to be moving in slow motion which was causing my stomach to turn because when I finally did return to the hotel with the make-up it was already 7:40 and so I franticly ran up stairs to get ready only to realize the color was about two shades off and not enough bronzer could fix this ghostly look. 
So I had to just use concealer and bronzer and pray the eyeshadow and eyeliner would help take the focus off the rest. I know this may sound vain to you, and I'm sure it kind of is, but I knew I would be meeting so many people face to face for the first time and this is not how I envisioned the whole thing going down. You know like
New friend: "Hi nice to meet you , I'm so and so."
Me: "Hi so happy you came by" (trying not to make eye contact and looking anywhere but at them)
New Friend: "You look, uhhh different in person"
Me: runs down the hall to hide.

HAHAHA! Of course that didn't happen but as I was trying to apply this over priced drug store make-up that is all that was going on in my head.
All I know is that it was one thing after another preventing me from trying to get down there to help Micah set up and when I eventually did it was 8:20, but when I got there I found this.
My sweet man had set up nearly the whole thing except a few hoops and the bow garlands. When I say LIFE SAVER that is an understatement. He is definitely a helpmate comparable to me, and blessed my socks off on Saturday. He could tell I was frazzled and knew how upset I felt about the make-up sitch so stopped and prayed with me and then ran to find us some food as I finished setting up shop.
From that point on the day exceeded my expectations! It was so much fun and I had a blast meeting so many new people and meeting online friends or instagram friends face to face. Micah was so much fun to hang with all day and enjoyed the event just as much as me. So many of our friends came by to shop and support and I was on the verge of tears nearly the whole day because my heart was so so full that it was starting to overflow out of my eyes. 
Not only were we blown away by all the amazing people that came to visit but couldn't believe how much God blessed our booth. I was so weary going into this boutique because I know that my items are more on the higher priced level which is why I thought to make a lot of bow garlands to help have lower priced items and yet I only sold two bow garlands and more hoops than I had imagined. I was seriously in awe of the days event and was so sad I had to box up everything to leave. I wanted more time to meet more people, shop the booths and just have a moment to take the whole thing in, but it swirled by so fast that I needed a whole day to soak everything in.
Having two of the raddest booth neighbors right next to me helped make the day that much more enjoyable. Plus Kristen from Vessel Handmade is a boutique pro and since her booth was all set and ready to go she helped me price the last minute items before doors opened! So grateful for her. Summer from Made by Munchies Mama is the sweetest and was so glad to get to know her better! 
Because of how much work went into this boutique I was certain this would be my last, but because I had no idea how awesome it would be or how much fun I would have with Micah I'm praying about doing another one (or two) in the fall. We shall see. 

So aside from the make-up debacle and running on only a few hours of sleep, this was an amazing experience. I can not say enough how blessed I was by those of you who came to support, shop, visit, meet me, talk to us, share with us, encourage us. I was humbled by all of you because I realized bad make-up and all you cared. You showered us in love and God showed me that there is so much more than just a dollar amount or quantity sold. Being out there, talking with others, sharing with others is what it was all about. Making sales was just the icing on the cake but when it was all said and done I could've just been there in the midst of all of you being blessed. 
God was beyond gracious this day. And we praise Him for all that He did. 

To view more pictures of the event visit Penelope Lane Boutique's Facebook page here

"Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoices; My flesh also will rest in hope." Psalm 16:9


Christen said...

That's wonderful! Your booth was gorgeous. (And your make-up doesn't look bad at all!)


Emmy said...

I just got totally teary reading about Micah taking a moment to pray with you! I was so blessed seeing the two of you together. Your husband is a gem, and I could immediately tell when he met us in the lobby, made eye contact, asked our names, and seemed genuinely happy to meet us that he is set apart. What a keeper!

I'm so glad that you did so well with your first boutique, but not surprised! Your products are beautiful, just like you!

I hope I get to see you again soon.

molly june. said...

ohhhhh natalie!!! i thought about you all day! i'm so so glad it went great! i would've FREAKED at the makeup situation too. oh dear lord. but you pulled it all together. and looked ADORABE, as ushe. and that micah. well, gee. he's a darn keeper. what a guy! i'm SO happy you did well. and our lil' window prints look suhweeeeet! YAY! love you. long message over. haha.

jennifer said...

Although I am super excited and thought about you all day while I was driving....I am THAT sister/friend who was laughing at you because you left your make-up an could totally see the home alone seen happening in your room. Also I love your dress and Micahs vest :) I am so happy that everything went so well! Love you!!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Oh how wonderful for you!! So glad to hear it went great! What a sweet husband! He did a really good job setting up and helping you out :) I love love your dress!! So darling! Wish I lived closer to go! Headed over to look at more pics! :) :) xo Holly

vintage grey said...

Oh, Natalie you are such a beautiful person inside and out!! It was so great to meet you and your husband. You both are the sweetest and your love for the Lord truly shines! Your booth was amazing, and your creations are just precious! Looking forward to maybe being a neighbor at the next boutiques with you!! Have a great night! xo Heather

MissyStitches said...

After lookin' at the pictures I decided we are precious! Also I noticed Trisha wasn't there, in your face Trisha! I was there and posted on the blog! <3 Haha seriously though so proud of you Nat!

MissyStitches said...

After lookin' at the pictures I decided we are precious! Also I noticed Trisha wasn't there, in your face Trisha! I was there and posted on the blog! <3 Haha seriously though so proud of you Nat!

jess said...

Beautiful Natalie! Meeting you two was one of the highlights of my day! I adore your work, and had no idea how much I would adore the both of you as well. I am so happy that you had a great experience and look forward to many more shows alongside you (wink, wink!) And I totally passed you guys in the hall with your curlers in and had no idea who you were! HA!

Jennifer said...

You're gorgeous and so was your booth!

JeNeal said...

This cracked me up! I love it!! You are too cute!!

JeNeal @

RedRoseVintage said...

Your stuff is AMAZING!