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Pig Park

Good morning all, fair warning this post is random.

So on our way to swim lessons we pass this play gym thing that is attached to a little taco drive thru 

Elsie has asked every time we drive to swim class
(we've only had four lessons)

"Mama can we go to the Pig Park after swinnin' class?"

I do the normal "not today baby, Vernon has to go down for his nap after" but I'm really thinking ummm no, mama is not stepping inside that dive

but today she was in luck
Vernon had slept until right before lessons so we had time to kill, plus mama was craving some tacos

this thing was no joke
as I pulled up I realized there was a lot more to it than a pig, which turned out to be a cow
chicken much?

I died when I spotted Mr. Sombrero upon loading up the kids to leave
why yes, yes those are chili pepper punching bags

I'm telling you this thing was Insane in the Membrane yo'

annnnd there was NOBODY there either
like I'm talking prime time lunch hour people and no one was in the play area, but tons of cars were in the drive thru. That gave me hope that this place was at least decent

 Though it seemed a tad bit very sketchy I preceded to get the kids out and I prayed a lil' prayer as I entered that I wouldn't get the runs (TMI?) from whatever I was about to eat and that this place was legit

their menu consisted of three things:

beans and rice were available as "extras"

It was almost like a Mexican In-and-Out
they were keeping it real with a no fuss menu

I went with tacos to split with the babes and some rice

 the verdict:

empty kid gym area for my babes to roam free
yummy food
and the craziest play gym thing I have ever seen

 wins my vote!

 this might just be an every Wednsday spot for me
jus' sayin is all

I forgot to mention that my total was like $5, so ya I will be returning to you very soon crazy Pig Park 

oh and yes we thanked Jesus in our prayers for Pig Park
because it was that awesome
and God is that good for blessing us with the unexpected simple treasures 


Libby A. said...

hilarious play park thing!

The Cantelmo Family said...

that is the biggest play area! LOL. I always get nervous about those places but sometimes (a lot of the times) they have the best food!! :)

Julie Marling said...

Was at the Wiegand hop and thought I would visit sponsors. I am a sponsor too ;) You have a cute blog and cute pics!

I am following you via facebook!
Love for you to comeover to Naptime Review sometime!

Shannon said...

What a cute park. And such adorable pictures.