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our getaway and some

Last Tuesday before packing up the car and heading to my parent's house to get the babes all situated before our Wed morning flight I stopped by Old Navy for some last minute flip flops and Elsie insisted I get a picture of her and the doggie they have displayed. 
Yeah, this definitely didn't help the fact that I didn't want to leave my babes. Look how sweet she looked. I just melted. 

It's not that I felt they weren't going to be taken care of.  I knew my babies would be getting extra love from not only Grandma and Grandpa but my lil' bro Josh and his gal Katie were helping taking care of them as well.

and it wasn't that I didn't want some time away with my Micah, it was that I felt like I had returned home from New York only days before and had just adjusted back into our routines. I didn't want to leave my babes again. 

I was so torn.

 So when Wednesday morn rolled around, I put on my big girl panties and while the babies were still sleeping we snuck out to catch our flight.
Upon arrival we were informed of a slight delay, and my heart started to beat faster. 

When we were informed shortly after that we would NOT be able to make our connecting flight in Dallas, I started to sweat. 

I only started to roll my luggage out the airport and hail a cab to take me back to my babies after we had been waiting for over an hour, only to be informed that not only was our flight canceled but needed to take a shuttle or taxi to a completely different airport in order to get to Marco Island that same day.

I was angry. Upset. I fought tooth and nail not to go on this all expense paid trip Micah had earned through his company and when I finally decided to go and have a good time, all odds were against us it seemed.
the above pic is of Micah on the phone with the airline booking us a new flight because we had already been in line for an hour and hadn't even checked in yet...

 Needless to say we arrived to our destination very, very late. I enjoyed traveling with Micah once we got to the new airport and my nerves had settled (and after lots and lots of prayer) 

all I can say is, all the stress, tears and inconvenience were soooo worth the trip. I had such an amazing time with Micah. We both got the much needed R&R we hadn't had with just the two of us.
there was lots of 
yummy eating

sun bathing

spa going

cabana lounging

book reading

hand holding

laughing together

swimming together

dates together

just a whole lot of us.
the Florida sun is no joke. Look at our sunburned noses on just the first day
date night out into Naples, FL 
 the sushi was phenomenal 
 the conversation and laughs were even better
 room service on our balcony overlooking the beach
so, so yummy
company dinner night
 love that one of my fave girls and bloggers just happens to be a wifey of another manager within the company. 
I laughed so hard all night with Miss Bianca
(the coordinating of purple dresses was NOT planned)
rocking first class status on the way home. A steal of an upgrade we couldn't pass up.

One thing I realized after the trip that without the littles around I rarely busted out the camera so there weren't many from our trip except the few from my phone. 
Lessoned learned.
and once home 
Elsie stayed up late with us, hours passed her bedtime. I just needed to snuggle and smell her
we didn't waste a moment making up for lost family time
we landed Saturday afternoon and were walking down Main St. at Disneyland come Sunday
and though they just watched the babies the past few days while we were away, Josh and Katie met up with us for a few rides as well
Vernon didn't waste any time once we got him back home either. 
He was into everything within minutes. Look at his face. 
Oh I want to squish him

so glad we went away but oh so glad to be home 


Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Awe! It looks like yall have had a great time lately!! :)

molly june. said...

girrrrl, you were striking some seriously hot poses. like, whoa. glad you got a lil' getaway. miss you!

mistergandme said...

im so happy you had a great trip! traveling can be so stressful. love your pics-- you are so gorgeous and glamourous!!!

Recreation Station said...

Elsie and Vernon holding hands on the carousel is pretty darn priceless.


Little Stitch said...

So glad you were able to go through with your getaway! Your little munchkins are absolutely precious!