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My weekend scores

So I purchased this dress from my local thrift shop for $1.50. I loved the soft cotton feel and the vintage-y print. It wasn't a perfect fit but knew a few darts and an inch or two off the sides was all it needed to be revamped.
(Never you mind the pasty colored skin)
I originally bought it to wear as a dress but after reviewing the "before" shot I realized it was a bit too short for a twenty-nine year old mama of two to be rockin' so I turned it into a fun "dress" top. This literally took me all of five minutes which left plenty of time to whip up my headband while both babies were napping.
I found the no-sew tutorial for the headband here. 
I thought sewing the dress was simple but this headband, seriously, go make you one!
I didn't even get a good shot of my new vintage boots I picked up over the weekend. LOVE!
and my fave part of this whole ensemble is this sweet necklace I scored from Nat's Knapsack

I won the giveaway from Through the eyes of the Mrs. blog and I couldn't be happier.
I have never won a giveaway and couldn't be more stoked about this awesome piece. I love it!
I will definitely be buying future gifts from her jewelry line. If you haven't already you can check out her goods here
I will be honest, I put this outfit together with no where to go but after Micah snapped a few shots he informed me how hungry he was. With it being Sunday afternoon and no groceries in the house we found ourselves at BJ's pizza where I almost completely devoured a Red Velvet Pazookie on my own.
 No shame in my game. 
Oh and the most random thing, my parents were in the area and met us for din (they live an hour from us) and so they totally entertained the babes while I was licking the pazookie dish clean eating my dinner in peace. Perfect end to a fab weekend!


Alissa Circle said...

Ok can you teach me how to be super cute just like you!?? I love this outfit. You look adorable!! jealous!

ginanorma said...

LOOKS great! Awesome find and incredible fixing!!!

BumbersBumblings said...

Absolutely adorable!!!

Kara said...

Ah, you rocked that dress! I love it with the tights. Way way too cute!

Tegan {enlove with life} said...

This is so not helping my thrift shopping addiction! What a cute find! And only $1.50? Please. How do you beat that? Seriously?!

Recreation Station said...

Oooh! Adorable!


Robin said...

So cute! and I love that necklace, I have one similar, but there is a bead hanging below the bird on mine. cute cute!
And Red Velvet Pazookie, yum..drooling!

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