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Spotlight and a Giveaway

Happy Monday All!
Have you visited Kimmie's blog Sugar and Dots yet?
If not get on over there and check her out because she is pretty amazing. Not only is she beautiful, hilarious and compassionate she is also inspiring. She has encouraged me along on this blogging journey and is actually spotlighting my blog and I today. 
She is also hosting a giveaway for one of my fave pieces from my collection!
 the Celebration piece!
I wanted to mention that you don't need a blog to be a follower of my blog and to be able to enter the giveaway or any future one. 
I received quite a few emails during my last giveaway from people who "read" my blog but aren't actually "following"
If you have blogs you like to read and would like to let the author and other readers know your a fan, 
you can do so by "following" their blog. It's a sweet gesture to say we like what you have to say and we support you. 
Again you don't need a blog to be a follower. It's not just for bloggers. (mom this means you too) By becoming a follower it helps you keep up with new posts. You can follow publicly or privately. Once decided on how you would like to follow just click "Join this Site" button on the upper right hand side of my blog. see example below.
Hope this helps. And good luck!


.alison herron. said...

I just found you through my sweet 'ol college friend 'The Vanilla Tulip'! You're art is BEAUTIFUL!! So much talent! Gonna start saving up my 'stay-at-home mom/photographer' pennies so that one of those beauties can hang on my wall! :)

molly june. said...

um, you inspire ME.
thank you, nat.
what a gem you are.