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Mondays Maid Simple

I would just like to say that both kiddos are napping at the same time and I am beyond thrilled, with that being said I only have about fifteen minutes until I need to feed the little man so I will make todays tip short and sweet.
Since not having much time on my hands in the morning anymore I have come up with the best solution in helping achieve "good hair" for the day. I have barely enough time to slap on make-up let alone run a brush through my hair these days. I know you're all thinking who cares, why do you need to get ready anyway? Well things come up and there are constantly people stopping by and if I need to run out, which always happens I don't want to look like a crack head mom in mix matched pajama pieces and 2 day old mascara. (this has already happened to me and I refuse to let it happen again) which is why I am offering you todays tip to make your own or just appreciate it for what it is. Slightly ghetto. 
I have help at night because Micah is home so I can actually shower and whatnot. Now on most evenings when I actually get a shower in and can blow dry my hair I will set my hot curlers on. After drying my hair I let those set in my hair for 20 minutes while I do whatever (normally feeding Vernon) and then immediately after removing the curlers I part my hair and twirl each section around to create a bun. I pin those and leave them like that for the night. When morning rolls around and I have to get ready I undo those bad boys and run a wide tooth comb through my hair, and wallah, wavy, messy, curly hair!
I know, worst picture to show the hair but it is literally the only one I have of me in the past couple of weeks. It's not fantastic hair but it helps me feel that I'm looking semi-decent and can face the world.

Hope you all have a fab week! 
p.s~ it's good to be back!


shannon said...

"This has already happened to me and I refuse to let it happen again." Awesomely lol-ful.

DawnaH said...

I need to invest in some hot rollers... The hair is way cute, I love it styled like that.