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Naps are Necessary

Not just for Elsie but for me as well. After catching some sort of bug this past weekend I have been trying to recover and realized being pregnant makes it that much more difficult. Thankfully I have the most amazing husband who has come home mid afternoon the last two days to care for Elsie while I sleep. Drinking plenty of fluids and resting are essential to regaining strength and neither would've been accomplished if it wasn't for Micah suppling me with pedialyte and a break. The funny thing is I thought I was completely capable of handling Elsie while being very pregnant and very sick, until I woke up at three o'clock yesterday feeling like I had been run over and then backed up over by a truck. Not realizing where I was, what time it was, or where my child was I ran (ok so I slowly walked with my achey body) upstairs to find Micah looking over business material while Elsie still napped. I thought I had dreamt him coming home and was in pure shock. I hadn't asked him to come home or even called to complain about my situation but him being the awesome hubby that he is knew when he had left that morning and saw me in the state that I was, had already planned on coming home to help out.
Regardless of being sick, pregnant or just plain a busy mama have realized that naps are necessary.
I was never a "napper"... ever, that is until I married my husband who insists on Sunday afternoon naps. It took him a few years to get me to understand the benefits of napping, well him and a few articles I had read over the years on how it was good for you, nevertheless, I am a believer of naps now and strongly encourage you to be as well. Here are just a few benefits you can obtain from a power nap. See full article here.
1. Less Stress (umm who couldn't afford to be less stressed, especially us busy moms)
2. Increased alertness and productivity (when you put the cereal box in the freezer you know this is a must)
3. Good for the heart (this speaks for itself)

You can thank me later, after your nap that is.


shannon said...

I love this. I put the salt shaker in the microwave yesterday. Love you.

Tristan said...

Dr. Oz was talking about that yesterday on his show, I didn't catch everything bEcause I was at the gym but I love naps! I need to get Lark to do Sunday naps. Sounds super!

molly june. said...

aww, you too? i think this sick bug has got us all. one sad blogger at a time. oy. i'm in need of some naps around here too! too bad my 4 year olds refuse. boo. hope you feel better soon pretty lady!

Perez Family said...

That is how I got through my pregnancy with this little guy, is napping with Jayda. if I didn't nap I would be so dead by 6pm. There the best!

Jeanie Aurora said...

Oh my gaaawd, you just reminded me I need a nap right now!

Love ur blog lady


Flowerchic said...

My family are nappers too. Every Sunday after dinner we nap. It is good to shut the world out and let it be known that you can exist without it, if only for a hour.