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So this morning was one of those mornings. You know, when you planned on waking up early with your hubby, waking up the baby to feed her early as well, have a breakfast together, which with normal circumstances doesn't happen because Micah leaves too early, and then lay her down for a short nap while you get ready for the bible study your heart really wants to attend but the rest of you doesn't. Ya well that morning didn't happen, it's the other morning I'm talking about, the one that doesn't go according to plan (which is why I should stick to my resolution and not plan just live) and Elsie wakes up at 4:00 am and 5:00 am and then your alarm goes off at 6:00 am. *SIGH* I don't care about her waking up, it's her second tooth breaking through causing much grief, but it was the missing out on the whole breakfast bonding time with Micah, that is what got to me. So now as I basque in my own pity while I should be getting ready for my first morning bible study, I stop and wonder why am I feeling so...well let's just say it poopy? I still saw Micah and still have time to get ready, ahhh ding! I know his clever tricks too well. I choose joyfulness and not poopiness today. So there in your face Satan! I know you want me to bundle up in a blanket, skip bible study which in return would make me feel even crappier, so that is why even though I don't feel like it, I must go. Micah always says, "When you don't feel like going that's when you most need it" (this in regards to church or bible studies that is) I will stop here so I can go get ready now.

Here are a few pics from our visit with Kristi and Ken in San Diego Friday night. She had an interview with the university out there and was only in town that night so we drove out and had a fabulous dinner with them. We wish we had more time with them but enjoyed the time we did have.
At the park on Sunday
I heard Elsie yelling in a way I hadn't heard and when I went to check on her she had gotten herself stuck in her toy bin
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A day at the park

I decided to take Elsie to the park for the first time on Tuesday and we have gone every day since. She absolutely loves it. She watches the other kids play, she squeals while being pushed in the swing, she doesn't care too much for the slide...yet, and Lord help me if a dog should appear, she goes crazy every time and wants to go and pet it. It is so sweet to hear her say Dog,dog,dog,dog,dog,dog over and over until she gets to see it up close and hopefully pet it if it's friendly.
Yesterday she kept picking up sand in both fist and would then let it slowly drop out, mostly onto her head and down her back. So precious. Today, unfortunately, she wasn't as precious. I stopped at a different park on the way home from the market. I had frozen food products so I knew I would just let her get her wiggles out for a few minutes. I stayed for about 15 - 20 minutes and when I started walking towards the car to head home, she arched her back and started screaming. I thought she was hurt so I held her up and examined her, she calmed down and so I proceeded to walk towards the car and when I opened the door she freaked out again. Yup, you guessed it, she was throwing a full on fit over the fact that we were leaving. I couldn't believe it! I was trying not to laugh while taking a firm tone with her to settle down. Once I got her buckled in, I handed her a book and she settled down. My goodness I thought, am I in for it or what.

The cutest thing just happened... I was preparing dinner right now and I put an old Judds record (vinyl) on the record player. I peaked out from the kitchen into the living room to find Elsie rocking out. She was just bending her legs and bouncing all over the place. She caught sight of me and began dancing faster and screaming with excitement. I rememeber listening to that same album when I was young with my mom. We used to clean to that album. It made me smile and think of all the wonderful memories I get to make with Elsie.
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no more planning

I'm a planner, if you didn't know that, I am. Even more so now with having Elsie's schedule in the mix I need to plan my days accordingly. What time I will go to the grocery, what time I will shower and so on. Well, I finally decided to get my butt back into the gym and today was the day. I looked at the gym schedule and there was only one class that would work out with Elsie's wake time...and of course she had a rough nights sleep and I was in there holding her from about 5:45 am to 8:00 am when she officially woke up. Which basically set her schedule way back and the time I expected her to wake up so I could go work out would in fact be the time I would be putting her down for her morning nap. It is really quite funny, I mean that is my life now. When I just do my day to day things and run my standard errands everything works out but when something comes up like the "gym" everything gets all out of whack and I'm left with the choice to be upset and frustrated at the situation or laugh and appreciate my new life and the surprises it brings. I choose the later. That is my New Years Resolution you could say, to appreciate life and let it... just, happen. I can't plan every moment of my life, I just want balance. That is a good word, balance. I need that in every aspect of my life: balance. That and a good daily devotion, if any one has any suggestions let me know, I have been scouring for a good daily devotion.

Ok on with the important part. Pictures.
The only thing bad about ringing in the new year with the Q's was my outfit! Good Lord, I swear it looked cute before we left the house.
We took a picture at church to remember Elsie's first day in the Church Nursery. She loved it, and they loved her. Great 1st Sunday of 2010! Umm, reminding myself not to wear that eyeshadow again... wow.
she's a maniac, maniac! Get it... leg warmers... Flashdance, oh never mind.