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Ok so there has been some exciting things happening around our neck of the woods. Let's see, Oh Elsie had her first popsicle from the ice cream man, she is starting to put sentences together, Nat & Mike got Married (that was a big one, should get its own post) oh and ya of course, WE'RE PREGNANT! Well, I'm pregnant and Micah is at fault.
We are so excited! We were able to see the baby on Monday and it is incredibly small. Smaller than Elsie was when we first saw her.It didn't even have legs yet so I am thinking we are a week off on the calendar or so. They gave us an Estimated due date of March 17th, but I think it will be a week later or more. Micah is so excited at the possibility of having a St.Patty's baby, he is beside himself.
I have had really bad morning sickness these past few weeks. I would call it ALL day sickness though. I had a couple good days of no vomiting and I thought I had kicked it but started back up yesterday with frequent visits to the toilet. I am doing much better than last week though, I couldn't even get off the couch it was so bad. Now I can at least get up and try tp get ready for the day. Hopefully this will pass...soon.
Here are a few pics of the shenanigans that have been going on here. I will add video of her saying certain things later when I actually film it.
Nat & Mike tying the knot!!! Reception to follow in September, can't wait!

First Push-Pop

My mom set up a little pool for an outside getaway for Elsie. It worked on getting us out there to visit.

At the beach today


jennifer said...

Her hair is getting so long! She looks beautiful! Vail has that same flower suit. I love it! We are coming over right now to get in that princess pool. Please let your mom know :)

jennifer said...

Also she looks just like Micah (which I know you hear all the time)in that second popsicle picture.

jmosizzle said...

she is so yummy!!!!!!!!!!!! ill be praying for the all day sickies.. no fun : ( miss you dear friend!

TexasNeals said...

congrats on the new bun in the oven!! so exciting! just wanted you to know that i've been thinking about a good parenting book for preschoolers, but i can't come up w/ one! i'm reading shepherding a child's heart right now and i think it's great! i wish i had better advise. i'll keep looking! ;) let me know if you find one that you like.
congrats again! hope the morning sickness is on it's way out!!! and i think your baby girl is absolutely adorable! :)