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Memorial Weekend plus some...

So I forgot to blog about my memorial weekend...sue me.
It started off with Nat and Trish coming up Friday night to spend the night and off course we had a 10:00 pm food fest which consisted of Del Taco and cookies and then gave ourselves pedicures and of course stayed up giggling until about 2:00 am, only to wake up early to shop for hours on end. My time with my sisters is never long enough. Even Elsie complained that she didn't see enough of her Aunties. We parted ways in the late afternoon because us Ensors' were to meet up with the Q's in L.A for Davey's B-day dinner. Let's just say it was a learning experience for all of us. We have been used to driving everywhere together for five years and having plenty of conversations on a daily basis, so when we planned on meeting at a location an hour away from each of our houses nothing was questioned because this would've been the norm, had we still been next door neighbors. Not only was it memorial weekend so there was traffic a plenty but our delicious dinner was served to us in record time, which meant the evening was cut short (saw them for an hour) and had to part ways without actually catching up. We knew the moment they walked away to their car things had changed...significantly. Nevertheless it was good to see them.
Sunday I headed out to the LB flea market with my gal pal Sam. I rushed home early, but only after having found a few treasures of course, to get ready for an Angels game. We headed out to the game, grabbed our hot dogs and drinks only to receive a call from our dear friend who had caught a Thresher shark and asked to come over to our house and cook us dinner with it. Umm so wait you want to come to my house, cook me dinner with fresh shark you just caught and you want to know if it's ok? Ummm, ya we'll leave the game early for that. We still saw two hours of the game and left right before seventh inning. Elsie just hung out under my parasol, while we enjoyed the game. We headed home and enjoyed great food with great friends. Then after I thought the weekend couldn't get any better we received a call from different friends on Monday morning who were down at the beach with paddleboards and kayaks and asked for us to come and join them, so that is exactly what we did. So yes my new obsession is paddleboarding. I love it. LOVE it! So easy and so relaxing.
We loved it so much that we rented some more this past weekend when the Q's came up. We grilled out on the beach and taught them how to paddleboard, well just Shan actually. Davey attempted and, well, let's just say it didn't go so well. He just enjoyed watching us and played with Elsie instead. They spent the night and after a big breakfast and Elsie's nap we all headed to the beach...again. Then on Sunday Micah, Josh, Elsie and myself headed to another flea market, found some art and then headed home, then did web church while Elsie took her nap. After she woke up we headed out to the beach again for a very relaxing time. After catching a few rays we headed to Taco Surf (our new local fave restaurant) for some tacos and then called it a night. By the way we have had Joshie here for a week now. My mom is in Michigan preparing for Bear's wedding and my dad works so he gets to be stuck with us and go to the beach everyday until he flies out next week, I know, poor him right? Anyway I hope you all feel you are caught up with my life, I certainly am.
Elsie under the parasol @ game. Micah heard Elsie cry at night and went in and found her leg stuck like this.
we dug a hole and Elsie just kept climbing in and sitting in it.


DawnaHartman said...

Paddleboarding!!!! I have been dying to try it. I was running out by the lake and saw this guy, straight up, in the middle of Lake Erie, on a paddleboard. It looked so relaxing and awesome.

Your weekend sounded like so much fun, and with so much beach goodness. Jealous much? Yes. I miss the beach!!!!!!!!

Asquare said...

I love that Elsie had a minimum of three wardrobe changes. I say minimum because there may have been more undocumented wardrobe changes that we didn't see.

jennifer said...

Her hair is getting so long. Busy as usual. Miss you guys.