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Fall is my Favorite

I love fall. Fall has always been my favorite time of year. Even as a young girl I can remember the smell of the season changing and holidays just around the corner. Well it used to be like that until California had a serious drought problem. Now most falls here in Cali are really hot with a side of Santa Ana winds, not so fun. We fly to Ruidoso and Northern Cali in the fall to get our cooler weather fix. But, this year is different. It is cooler and has been for a week straight. It is so wonderful. Decorating my house didn't feel like such a facade this year. The decor matches the mood of the season. I love burning my pumpkin candles and baking spice cakes and other treats.
Last night I made a plum cake and it is surprisingly good. So good that Micah and I each had two slices of it last night while watching a Harry Potter movie. (neither of us have seen them all, and because they seem like fallish movies to me I thought we should rent them)
I also made Elsie a fall tutu with a matching bow. These are her sixth month pictures. She is so stinking precious I almost can't even take it! Plus she looks great in fall colors, I must say.
Plum Cake
Fall Decor


jennifer said...

I love it! She looks so cute in the tutu! Great job! Send me a picture PLEASE!!

jennifer said...

ps. suprisingly good!? I would say 4 slices gone from a cake in one sitting is more than suprisingly good:)