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Gulf Shores, AL

That is where we just came from. I know, I know, everyone keeps asking me who lives there that we know and the answer is no one. That is just where we decided to have the Ensor family vacation this year and I have to say, it was fabulous. We had a 5 bedroom condo right smack on the beach! It was amazing! Elsie was able to meet her cousins and wall the families enjoyed each other so much. Our condo was actually part of a resort of some sort so we also had access to all the pools, so that was awesome too. We were just steps away from both the ocean water and the pool.
Elsie holding her boarding pass ready for our trip
We celebrated Vail's 4th Birthday
Elsie loved her cousins!
getting them all to look at the camera at once was quite impossible
just chillin'
Cali girl
Elsie and Micah...our future rugrats!
As you can see Elsie is quite impressed w/ Micah's muscles
Umm, so big Micah is an awesome Uncle and Daddy!


DawnaHartman said...

These pictures of Elsie are just awesome! She is definitely a California girl...
Sounds like you guys had such a good time. So fun. :)

jennifer said...

Miss you guys. I am still going through withdrawals.