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Who needs Internet?

Me, I absolutely do. I remember thinking before if I didn't have internet I could still get by, well technically I could because we all once did right? The point is I have become accustomed to using it... daily, for everything! Including posting pictures and talking about my weekends on this Blog thingy. What happened was our internet went out Saturday evening from some construction in a nearby neighborhood. Micah spoke with Verizon and got it back up and running last night, which is why I'm blogging about my weekend on Tuesday instead of Sunday evening.
So anyway Micah hosted his office party here this weekend. It was real chill and I opted for cold sandwiches and food inside vs. the grill. Thank God we did too because it was 110 degrees on Saturday.
Sunday we went to church, had breakfast at Coco's with the Q's and then swam in the pool. Even my dad drove up to swim and see his baby girl. It was a great weekend, all except for the fact that on Saturday in the middle of the company party some guy was hammering and painting the new For Sale sign in front of our house. It made it so much more real. I was saddened by the whole thing. It was only on the market three days before putting it on hold. It listed last Wed and we put it on hold Friday due to the fact that we already received EIGHT offers! So ya, looks like we are moving for sure. We are excited to see where God is leading us next. We still have no idea. I will keep everyone posted.
On to the pics!
The Food!
little penguins, got this tip from one of my favorite blogs.
Elsie and her Watermelon dress her Aunt Nat bought her!
I look scary in this pic!
I couldn't decide which one to post, the one of me looking scary or her looking scared.
Time with Grandpa

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