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"because black is memorial service etiquette"

As I was trying on black dresses last night I asked Micah why must we wear black if it is for someone we know knew the Lord and is going to heaven? I mean shouldn't we wear bright colors in celebration I asked. He said that I was right but that it was memorial service etiquette to wear black.
Our dear friend Kate lost her daddy to cancer. I never had the opportunity to meet him, but considering how amazing of a friend Kate is I know he was a great man. Interesting enough when we walked into the service, across the huge monitor above the stage read "Fred James Snow, A Celebration of Life" And that is exactly what I was talking about. They had a beautiful slide show to honor him and to show him living and celebrating his life. It was a very short but touching service, with which Kate's husband Josh officiated.
Though this was an event I wish hadn't happened, I was able to put Elsie in her black velvet dress. It made both Micah and I so sad that this will now be remembered as her funeral dress but it is what it is.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Kate and her family.

Look at our little celebration of life!
I didn't have a black bow but I found one of my headbands in the car and just tightened up.
Our lil' princess and her oh so handsome daddy

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Micah Ensor said...

Babe, only you, me and Elsie would have a photo shoot in the middle of a funeral.