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Where I've been

So I have been out of town for a couple of weeks, well I actually have been back for almost a week but haven't found the time to blog about it.
As most of you know, two of my brothers moved out to Michigan in November. Considering how close I am to my brothers (seriously, we're extremely close) and how far Michigan is, this was quite a hard transition for me in my delicate, hormonal pregnant state. I already knew I would be going to visit them before Elsie was born but then realized that I was already almost 7 months along and needed to get a move on it before my doctor vetoed the whole idea.
I already had a trip booked to Nashville with Micah for Jan. 21st - 28th (it was our Christmas gift to each other) so I just decided to fly out to Michigan first and then from there meet Micah in Tennessee. I booked my flight and called my bros and told them I would see them in a week.
So basically I left Cali with 82 degree weather and landed in Detroit with -2 degree weather, that doesn't include the wind chill factor that dropped it to about -20!!!! All I can say is my face hurt when I walked out of the airport.
I had a fabulous week with my brothers. I wish Micah was able to be there with me and I wish even more so that I could've stayed for at least another week. I miss them so much more now after visiting them than I did before.
Besides eating dinners together and just hanging out at night watching TV like nothing ever changed, my favorite part was getting to see their reactions when they felt Elsie move and kick. It was so awesome. I seriously held back the tears in watching their amazement in getting to feel their niece. I can't wait for her to meet Bear and Uncle Greggy.
I also was able to visit my Grandma Carolyn who I haven't seen in over 15 years so that was awesome, and she totally showered Elsie with gifts. So Sweet!
Bear's new Farm House, isn't it awesome!
What I awoke to my first morning.
Carousel Mall, we went here as kids!!!
At Grandma's visiting
Elsie already being spoiled by her great Grandma...
From there I flew into Nashville where I met up with Micah and then were greeted with our favorite little faces, Vail and Katy... our nieces! Jenn and Matthew picked us up from the airport and we went directly to eat. That is always a good sign for a great week when you start it off with good food.
We basically just hung out during our stay and relaxed the whole time which is exactly what we needed. We did however go to Lynchburg, TN and take a tour of the Jack Daniel's Distillery, which I must say, was one of the coolest tours I have been on.
Micah left on Sunday because he had to get back to work and I stayed until Wed., which was awesome to get some extra quality time with my sis. We even had a girls night out while Matthew hung out with the girls. We had the whole thing planned for days. We were going to go to this particular Italian restaurant Jenn was raving about, and then maybe do some baby shopping afterward. Well let me just say, when we pulled up to the restaurant and we saw that they were closed on Mondays, I think it was the worst thing that could've happened to two pregnant gals who were craving that exact place. After we yelled and debated on whether to throw a brick through the window of this so called fabulous restaurant, we pulled it together and Jenn made some calls and we were referred to another Italian restaurant. It actually ended up being awesome and we had a fab time there. Then we headed over to the Opry Mills mall and shopped for our future babies.
I think it was one of my favorite trips out there yet. It was nice just to hang out and do nothing and have quality time with family, but I missed Micah so much and was ready to get going, that was until I pulled up to the airport and my little nieces didn't understand why I had to get on the airplane. It was heartbreaking and made me want to stay longer. Jenn said Vail kept saying I was going to get Micah and would be back later that night. Katy just cried. How precious is that!
Here we are at the JD Distillery
Girls night out!
Maybe she's born with it, Maybe it's Maybeline, Katy the lil' girly girl.


Kristi and Ken said...

Looks like you had some great travels! Thanks for sharing the pics! The farm in Detroit looks absolutely gorgeous- from a movie or Thomas Kinkaide picture or something! I love the picture of Katy with the Sephora bag...It also looks like Vail was getting into something right behind her- so cute!

Jammie said...

Thanks for the update. I have been waiting to see what my favorite people did. I can't wait to see you.

jennifer said...

It does kind of look like Vail is shoplifting something. :) We know she wasn't. That is a pretty good pic of us. Thanks B!