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I love surprises!

So on Friday Micah and I headed to his office. For him it was just a regular work day except for the fact that he agreed I could throw an office Valentine's Day Party! Seeing as how I am no longer working and don't really have any where I could bring goodies to I used his office as an excuse to bake and make Valentine Goodies. But to our surprise when we arrived at his office there was baby girl decorations everywhere and they had surprised us with a baby shower!!! We were thrilled. They figured since I was coming in to throw a party it was perfect timing to flip the tables and throw us one instead. They were all entirely too generous which both Micah and I were overwhelmed by. They had ordered a cake and food and just made us feel so very special. I was on cloud nine all day. I can't tell you how grateful I feel for the wonderful people Micah works with. Truly a blessing!


Kristi and Ken said...

That's so awesome!!! What a great party!

jennifer said...

Looks like something right out of the office. Tell Micah I said he looks smashing in his red shirt! Miss you!!