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I heart New York

Yes that's right we finally fulfilled one of my many dreams and went to New York. We didn't just travel there and stay at some touristy hotel in Times Square. No we did NY in New York fashion. We were so blessed to be able to stay with our good friend Bill who has and awesome Apartment (flat) in Brooklyn. And well basically it was amazing. Anywhere we wanted to go we just took a bus from his place to the nearest subway and then went from there. We were amazed at practically everything which is surprising to me because coming from the L.A area I didn't think it would be that much different, but boy I was wrong! It is truly a whole different world over there. To be honest there are too many pictures and too many different stories of our adventures there so I will just post a few... well probably lots but you know what I mean.
First day we arrived we went back to Bill's flat dropped off our luggage and then head out to the Yankee stadium for the Yankees vs. Mets game!!! Amazing. SOLD OUT GAME!!!
Our Subway ride into the city!
On top of the tour bus while it was raining.... so touristy I know!

Bill's local pub/ hang out... there was a live jazz band, so awesome!
Central Park!

Look to the Cookie!
Le Corsaire Ballet

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