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Yuletide Fever!

So this weekend really helped with the whole Christmas spirit feeling. Micah's company's Christmas Party was on Friday. It was off the hook! We were on a boat which was part of the Newport Harbor Light Parade. So our boat was decorated with lights along with, what seemed like, hundreds of other boats. It was so much fun! Seriously one of the best Christmas Parties I have attended. We were out pretty late until almost 3:00 am, but we stayed in a hotel in the Newport area so it worked out.

Plus, we were planning on going somewhere not too far from the area on Saturday. DISNEYLAND! As one of our Christmas gifts to each other we purchased Disney Annual Passes! If this wasn't already an awesome gift in itself the icing on the cake was the Quiggle's planned on getting passes as well so we all met up and went together! I love Disneyland during the Holidays. It is so festive and decorated to beautifully. We had a blast!

Then Sunday we wrapped things up by wrapping up some Christmas gifts. One of my favorite things to do besides bake, and shop is wrap gifts! I love it and take pride in it. I actually am pretty anal about it! Thank goodness Micah is a good wrapper so I don't have to re-do all the ones he wrapped. This year I had something that helped me wrap more efficiently. Davey and Shan picked me up a gift back in May and I finally got to use it. It was a wrapping tool belt/apron. I loved it and it was so handy last night!

Even Don got in on some of the action.
After indulging on about 2 dozen of Shannon's sugar cookies I crashed hard after all the wrapping.


Micah Ensor said...

I was there and I am still jealous of all the fun we had!

stephanie risinger said...! I just blogged about my wonderful weekend too, complete with a picture of us on the Booze Cruise. We had a great time and it was really good talking to you and Micah. It helps us to keep on keepin' on :)

jennifer ensor said...

cute paper! where did you get it? Looks like yall had a blast! Wish we could do disney with you guys at christmas! maybe next year.