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Home at Last

I know, I know I sound as if I was gone for a month or something, but that is what it felt like to me. So anyway, after having to endure only an eight and a half hour flight I was back in Cali. The feeling I had when I saw Micah at the bottom of the escalator was indescribable, my heart skipped at least two beats. I would of dropped my stuff and ran into his arms but unfortunately there was a little old lady in front of me taking her sweet time, which of course ruined the dramatic scene I pictured in my head when I dreamed of this moment. But, no sooner than my right foot hit the last step of the escalator Micah picked me up and swung me around. This was much more romantic than what I had envisioned. I couldn't let go of him. I couldn't cry either, which was weird since I cried quite a bit while in Quebec from missing him oh so much. We walked out to the baggage claim area only to see both pieces of my luggage going by. Of course Micah made me laugh hysterically as he ran around trying to grab them before they looped back around. It was the strangest thing to see my luggage already there. I mean normally, especially when flying through customs, you have to wait forever for your luggage, but it's as if God knew I could not wait one more minute to get in the car and head home. Which I couldn't and is why it was so perfect my luggage was there waiting for me.

Oh and pulling up to the house, I love our house. I stepped out of the car and could breathe for the first time. I real breathe, a breathe of relief. I opened the door to find Don Corleone (my doggy) there waiting for me. He pounced atop of me and kissed me like I was an ice cream cone. Oh how he missed his mommy. There was something strange though, I heard another bark, which of course was Smashy's bark. Smashy is our best friends a.k.a the next door neighbors dog. So I knew they were there. I turned the corner to walk down the hallway and was greeted with a big "Surprise" and this is where my big melodramatic scene came into play. I dropped my purse walked over to Shan and sobbed into her shoulder as we hugged. It was just so good to be home. Especially having come home to this, it just made it that much more of a realization of how much I love my life here in Cali and the people I share it with. It didn't matter how tired I was, all that mattered was blowing out the candles on my cup cake, opening gifts and enjoying the company of my family.

Why is it that not until you don't have something, that is normally easily obtainable you go crazy thinking of having it? Take for example, a hug. Who knew the power behind a hug? Oh I needed a hug this passed week. On my birthday I definitely needed a hug. It sucks not being hugged by someone on your birthday, or after a long day of work and you want to fall into your loved ones arms and just let the rest of the world fade away. Hugs, I love them and Micah has the best hugs around. I wish I could have slept in all day and just hugged him, but that wouldn't be reality would it. Reality is that even though I feel as though life stopped while I was gone it still continues as if nothing changed when I return. I still had to get up and go to work and go about my crazy schedule. And all who know me, know that my life is crazy busy and that hasn't changed. I think all of October is already booked up and I just arrived home. Oh the joy of life. Well suffice it to say I am home and I am happy. I love my home and I love being happy. OK, enough rambling, let the birthday weekend begin!

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Ensor said...

" the bottom of the escalator was indescribable, my heart skipped at least two beats" lucky you're flight did not arrive 30 minutes early...that would have been a huge letdown...and Micah is sooo snuggly.