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Birthday Bash!

So I planned on writing a long blog about the details of my Saturday but I will just post some pictures instead and let them tell the story. To sum it up we went to dinner at my fave restaurant Buca di Beppo's, with the Quiggle's and my family. Then we met up with about 25 other people at the Bowling lanes for some cosmic bowling. As soon as we finished bowling we headed over to our friends, the Savacchios' house for the after party, which consisted of me opening my gifts, hangin' out and playing Cranium until about 4:00AM! This night was crazy fun!
OK here is a pic of the awesome Bowling cake and cookies Shan made for me!
I know I said no details but Micah put so much thought into the evening I have to share a few of them. As people were arriving to the lanes Micah had them pull a piece a paper out of his hat. This paper had a logo on it which indicated what team you would be on for the evening. Micah is so clever, each team was named after a few of my favorite stores. The teams were H&M, Nordstroms, Sephora and Victoria Secrets. I was on the H&M team, we rocked, well not really but we were the craziest! To top it off Micah had a mega phone and was making announcements throughout the hilarious. Remember this is cosmic bowling and it didn't start until 9:30 at night, so it was dark and loud in there from all the music, it was like a club. After all the teams finished which was around 11:00PM, Micah held his award ceremony to give out the prizes. First strike won bowling wristbands, best score won the gold medal plus an Itunes gift card, worst bowler received a Flintstones Bowling ball, (basically Micah painted a large rock to look like a bowling ball) and then the highest scoring team, which was the Victoria Secrets received bowling socks. What did I tell you, Micah is awesome!

These are the cupcakes Micah had made for the event!

Here we are at Bucas!

Woooo! My team was awesome!

With the help of Micah and his mega phone we were able to round everyone up for a photo...

Micah escorting me out trying to avoid all the paparazzi

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Micah Ensor said...

WHAT A GREAT NIGHT! I'm glad you enjoyed it babe. I better start planning your 30th now if I'm going to top that!