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What a great month. I mean besides the fact that it is my birthday month (Sept. 30th) it is also when two of my favorite T.V shows premiere. America's Next Top Model is the first. It aired last night and I can tell it is going to be a good season. I think I already picked my favorite girl that I am rooting for. I don't know what it is about this show that sucks me right in. I have watched every season from when it first started. I am not talking about watching one of those marathons on VH1, I mean I am a true follower. I seriously have watched this show since it began and when Tyra Banks was still thin. The next show, (which I absolutely love) is The Office! This show cracks me up. I think it is necessary for anyone working in an office setting to watch this show and if not, well, you still need to watch it. It is stinkin' hilarious! The season premiere is on Sept.27th and I won't even be here to watch it. My company is flying me out to Quebec, Canada for a week so I will be missing this show and my birthday. What I mean is I will miss spending my birthday with loved ones, and stuck in a hotel room by myself....ok, enough self pity for today. Back to the T.V shows, they are awesome and I recommend them highly.

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the bear said...

Me and Steph LOVE The Office!!! The show is seriously amazingly ridiculous.