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Quigsor's Camping 2007

It was about time we got out of our cozy little homes and went on an adventure together. We took our friendship to a whole new level by deciding to go camping. We already knew we worked well as neighbors and doing fun little outings together, but we said this would prove how well we really meshed if we would be able to survive the weekend. Well I am here to write about it so you know we survived but how does our relationships hold up you ask? All I have to say is...the Quiggles' and the Ensors' can conquer the world together. We had a blast and worked great as a team out in the wilderness. There was never a dull moment between us, from setting up the tent to Micah and Davey collecting more wood for the fire while Shan and I set up camp, who would've thought set-up could be so fun. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a campfire as much as I did this weekend. You would think as neighbors we would run out of things to talk about but surprise, surprise we sat around the fire for hours just laughing and enjoying each others conversation while Patsy Cline and Cash were playing in the background. When I say laughing, I mean hysterical banter coming from campsite #78. I know we drove the other campers nuts with the noise volume coming from our campsite, it was hilarious. Needless to say we made it back to the traffic filled highways and to our hectic daily lives. One word that would capture this weekend is memorable, great memories were definitely made. For more photos of our escapade please see Shannon's blog, it is titled "Drama Queenie" under Fellow Bloggers.
Boys will be boys...


They were so excited they were yumping!

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